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Baking Bonanza Instant Win Game

Baking Bonanza
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free spins, respin, win multiplier
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2D/3D, Action
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Baking Bonanza Game Description

Can you whip up something special in Baking Bonanza?

This baking-themed instant win game is one of the most distinctive Slingo titles we’ve seen in some time! Whether you’re a passionate dessert-lover or you’re just looking for a gaming experience that’s totally different to the rest, Baking Bonanza is a MUST!

Choose the cakes you want to bake and set up your own paytable before you spin — and then it’s all about landing the right ingredients to grab a prize!

Pick from favourites like double chocolate cake, fruit cake, lemon drizzle cake, billionaire’s shortbread, and much more!

From the moment you start playing, you’ll be amazed by the jaw-dropping quality on display in the Baking Bonanza instant win game. Everything from the symbols to the sound effects and the controls have been beautifully designed to suit the baking theme — it’s easy to forget you’re playing a Slingo game at times!

So grab your apron and get ready to bake like a champ in Baking Bonanza!

How to Play Baking Bonanza Instant Win Game

Ready to play Baking Bonanza?

It should feel familiar if you’ve played a Slingo game before. Most of the screen is taken up by a bingo card decorated with pencil illustrations of ingredients (e.g. flour, brandy, almonds). The reel is positioned underneath the card, with five slots to fill.

The aim is to spin the reel and land ingredients that match those on the bingo card to create one of the desserts pictured on the left-hand side of the screen. Do that and you’ll win a prize according to the amount in the paytable on the right-hand side!

One of the most amazing things about the Baking Bonanza online game is that you can essentially form your own paytable at the start of each game!

Click on the arrows on either side of the screen to switch between different desserts until you find the right prizes for you. Each cake has its own value and RTP — the more ingredients required, the more a dessert is worth.

For example, the Jelly & Custard dessert pays 5.25x your stake while the Key Lime Pie awards 7x your stake. But you’ll get more for bigger desserts: the Pina Colada pays a whopping 49x your stake if you can match all of its ingredients!

You can adjust your bet by tapping the Stake button. When you’re satisfied with your setup, hit the Spin button to start playing!

Each game consists of five spins. Ingredients are added to the recipes on the bingo card as they appear and the black-and-white illustrations become stunning full-colour images.

When the five spins end, you can either collect any winnings you’ve achieved or keep buying Extra Spins at an increasing cost.

Baking Bonanza Free Spins?

Free spins are available in Baking Bonanza, but not in a dedicated feature as you might expect. Instead, you achieve Baking Bonanza Free Spins if a free spin symbol appears on the reel.

Landing a free spin won’t take you to a full Baking Bonanza free play round but it can still give you a chance to match ingredients and claim a prize. Free spins are removed from the reel during Extra Spins too.

More Baking Bonanza Features

Extra Spins

The Baking Bonanza game is fairly light on bonus features, even if it is an absolute treat!

One of the only features available is Extra Spins. This becomes active at the end of each five-spin round.

You can buy additional spins if you want to keep trying to match ingredients and bake your chosen desserts. The cost of each spin is based on the grid position and the potential winnings available. Prices can exceed your bake wager, but you can place limits on the Extra Spins round in the controls.

For example, you might want to specify the maximum number of Extra Spins available or the maximum price that should be offered as an Extra Spin.

If any of these limits are reached, the game will end automatically.

Baking Bonanza FAQ

What is the highest-paying symbol in Baking Bonanza?

The Golden Champagne Truffle is the highest-paying symbol in the Baking Bonanza online game. Match all the ingredients required to bake this delicious dessert and you’ll receive a mouth-watering prize worth 2450x your stake!

What is the lowest-paying symbol in Baking Bonanza?

Baking Bonanza’s lowest-paying symbol is the Scone. This pays 0.40x your stake if you manage to land each of its ingredients on the reel. This is followed by the Strawberries & Cream symbol, worth 1.10x your stake.

What is the minimum bet I can make in Baking Bonanza?

You can start wagering from £1 in the Baking Bonanza instant win game online. Click on the Stake button in the control panel to drop your bet to the minimum amount.

What is the maximum bet I can make in Baking Bonanza?

The maximum bet available in Baking Bonanza is £100. Open the bet setup menu by tapping the Stake button in the control panel. Scroll to the top of the menu, click on the 100, and you’re ready to play.

What does the Extra Spins feature do in Baking Bonanza?

Baking Bonanza’s Extra Spins feature becomes available after the fifth spin in each game. You can buy additional spins at a variable cost (displayed on the Spin button) to try to match more symbols. If you want to end the game and collect your winnings instead, tap the End Game button.

How many symbols feature in Baking Bonanza?

Baking Bonanza includes 40 symbols, each with its own value and RTP. For example, the Peanut Butter Cookie pays 3.75x your stake and offers an RTP of 92.72%.

Our Baking Bonanza Instant Win Game Review

Baking Bonanza is an incredible Slingo game with a unique style and some HUGE prizes on offer. The Slingo team has clearly worked hard to create something special: the kitchen sound effects maintain the atmosphere between games, the music is delightfully upbeat, and the visuals are just beautiful.

And the puns that appear beneath the reel, like “beware the jelly of the beast” and “donut give up” are the icing on the cake!

Fancy a taste? Play Baking Bonanza at SpinGenie now!

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