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Pets Go Wild Slot Game

Pets Go Wild
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Pets Go Wild Slot Description

Pets Go Wild is a slot with a huge twist: there are NO reels to spin!

So how do you play it?

This is a match-3 game: click on clusters of three or more matching tiles to blast them and create winning combinations. New tiles will drop to replace them and help you to form more matches.

The Pets Go Wild slot machine is similar in design to popular match-3 mobile games, but there’s a big difference: you’re not just playing to progress to the next level or grab an achievement — you’re playing for real money!

And there’s a clear sense of progression as you follow Dexter the dog and his cute pals across eight chapters. You’ll need to unlock XP (experience points) and level up to unlock one chapter at a time.

Each chapter has a unique, colourful setting: a beach, film festival, circus, and more! There are some amazing bonus games to discover too.

So give it a try and unleash your wild side today!

How to Play Pets Go Wild Slot Machine

Want to go wild with the pets on their mission?

The Pets Go Wild online slot might have a different structure and feel than most other slot games, but it’s still simple to play.

You’ll help Dexter the Dog, Katie the Cat, Fred the Fish, Robin the Rabbit, and Parker the Parrot progress from one location to the next. These lovable characters appear at the top of the screen beside their own coloured meter:

  • Dexter: blue
  • Katie: pink
  • Parker: yellow
  • Fred: green
  • Robin: orange

These meters correspond with the colours on the game grid: creating winning combinations of a matching set of tiles will fill a portion of the respective meter. For example, clicking on a cluster of three pink tiles will take up a chunk of Katie’s meter.

Each tile is also marked with an image related to the relevant pet: blue tiles have a paw print for Dexter, Robin’s include a bunny face, and so on.

You’ll receive a cash prize each time you fill a meter. This varies from pet to pet — one full Dexter meter is equivalent to 0.5x your stake but a full Robin meter is worth 10x your stake.

You’ll be invited to keep clicking on sets of three or more matching tiles to fill the pets’ meters until you use all available moves. The game round will end and XP earned will be added to your overall level meter in the top-right corner of the screen. Any winnings you achieve will be added to your credits too.

New chapters unlock when you earn a specific amount of XP and reach a particular level (e.g. 75 XP points are required to unlock the second chapter).

Each chapter takes you to a new setting with a fresh background. They’re all beautifully designed, and it’s nice to see that the pet images at the top of the screen change to match the setting every time.

Pets Go Wild Free Spins?

You can play two Pets Go Wild free spins features across the eight chapters.

The first is the bonus feature in Chapter 4: Rock n Roll. You’ll receive five free winning games played at the same amount as the triggering game.

During these games, x2, x3, and x5 multipliers are displayed above three tiles on the grid. When you blast a tile under a multiplier, the win will be multiplied to that amount.

The second Pets Go Wild free play feature appears in Chapter 8: Safari Blast. This offers one free game with a x10 multiplier, played at the same bet amount as the triggering game.

The option to switch to another chapter or launch the cruise event are deactivated during free games.

More Pets Go Wild Features

XP Bubble

An XP Bubble will appear on the game grid from time to time. You can trigger it by blasting the tile beneath it.

An XP bubble will give you an XP boost with extra XP. The size of the XP boost changes as you progress further through the game.

Cruise Event Bubble

Blast a tile beneath the Cruise Event Bubble to receive one Cruise Event Star. When you collect five stars, the Cruise Event will begin.

Cruise Event games apply a 30% cash prize across all wins, and blasting a cluster of 777 tiles will lead to a 1000x win.

The Cruise Event will close after you play 10 games. Collect another five stars to activate it again.

Bonus Bubble

This bubble will trigger the chapter’s bonus feature.

Pets Go Wild FAQ

How do I change the size of my bet?

Click on the ‘set bet’ button on the menu screen to choose your stake. You’ll return to the menu screen when no more moves are available in a game round.

How do I collect Cruise Event stars?

You can collect Cruise Event stars by blasting tiles beneath the Cruise Event Bubbles in the grid. When you have five stars, click on the ‘event’ button on the menu screen.

What is the minimum bet I can make?

The minimum bet you can make in the Pets Go Wild game is £0.60. Decrease your bet by clicking on the ‘set bet’ button on the menu screen.

What is the maximum bet I can make?

You can wager as much as £100 per game round in Pets Go Wild. Open the bet setup menu via the main menu screen to increase your stake.

What is the highest-paying pet?

The highest-paying pet in the Pets Go Wild slot online is Robin the Rabbit. He awards 10x your wager when you fill his meter.

What is the lowest-paying pet?

Dexter the Dog is the lowest-paying pet in Pets Go Wild. He’ll award 0.5x your stake when you fill his meter.

Our Pets Go Wild Slot Review

The Pets Go Wild slot game is one of the most original titles we’ve ever seen online. The match-3 gameplay is simple, fast paced, and offers a totally different experience to spinning reels in standard slots.

And the bonus features expand the gameplay beyond the base game and bring you more opportunities to win.

Want to go on an adventure with this team of animal pals? Play Pets Go Wild at SpinGenie now!

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