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Slingo Riches Game

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Slingo Riches Description

Slingo is an innovative mash-up of slots and bingo, bringing players the best of both genres. And Slingo Riches is another impressive spin on the concept (pun intended!).

Slingo Originals’ Slingo Riches is a vibrant, colourful game in the Slingo line, with plenty to recommend it. The gameplay is straightforward and accessible, with a simple structure and various bonus features.

Slingo Riches offers players the chance to win a huge £20,000 jackpot, as well as lots of smaller prizes. It’s an easy game to play, even for newcomers, and it’s available on mobile or desktop for your total convenience. No matter how you play Slingo Riches, though, this bingo/slot online game is optimised to look fantastic on any device.

How to Play Slingo Riches Online

As you’ll expect if you’ve played one or more Slingo games before, Slingo Riches involves matching numbers on a 5x5 bingo card just as you would in a traditional bingo hall.

The first step you need to take when you play Slingo Riches is adjusting the bet amount to suit you. You can decrease or increase the size of your wager by tapping the (-) and (+) buttons easily.

You’ll be given 11 spins initially. Once these have ended, you may be able to buy others.

Next, you should hit the Spin button at the bottom of the screen to spin the reel beneath the bingo card. The reel will stop after a few seconds, and reveal five numbers or symbols. Any digits that match yours will be marked off on the bingo card. You’ll keep going until you can create a winning line or you run out of spins.

There are 12 rows to fill. Five are horizontal, five are vertical, and two are diagonal across the card. The more rows you mark off, the bigger the wins you can expect to receive.

One of the first things you’re sure to notice when you start playing Slingo Riches is the user-friendly design. You’ll find information on the prizes, and the number of lines required to claim them, on the left of the screen. Keep checking here to see what you’ve achieved so far.

Slingo Riches includes a number of bonus features that expand the gameplay and create new opportunities to boost your winnings. These are triggered when certain symbols appear on the reel, such as the Joker or Devil. Keep an eye out for these — they could push the game in a better or worse direction.

Slingo Riches Free Spins?

Free spins are up for grabs in Slingo Riches, though they’re activated in a slightly different way than you might have seen in a lot of slot games. If you land a Free Spin symbol in the centre column, Slingo Riches will award you a free spin.

Landing multiple free play symbols could bring you multiple opportunities to increase your winnings without paying for them. Any free spins you pick up will play out once your initial 11 spins end. You could buy up to four additional spins, depending on the number of free spins awarded.

More Slingo Riches Features

Joker Bonus feature

Landing a Joker symbol on the Slingo Riches reel will enable you to choose a square in the same column on which the Joker appears. The square you choose will be marked off instantly.

The Joker Bonus feature can help to create winning lines more quickly and easily.

Super Jokers Bonus feature

A Super Joker symbol allows you to choose any square on the grid, not just one in the same column as the symbol itself.

Using Super Joker Bonus symbols to mark numbers off strategically can form winning lines sooner than you might otherwise.

Instant Cash Prize feature

If you can land three or more Joker symbols on the reel at the same time, you’ll be awarded an instant cash prize.

Your prize should be bigger if any of the Jokers are Super.

Devil symbol

You don’t want to see a Devil symbol on the reel! If he appears, the Devil will block potential matches on the reel and make it harder to create winning lines.

Coin symbol

You’ll be provided with an instant cash prize if a Coin symbol appears in the centre column.

Slingo Riches FAQ

What is the top prize available in Slingo Riches?

Slingo Riches offers players the chance to win various prizes, including a £20,000 cash jackpot. You can keep track of your winnings by checking the table on the left of the screen, which runs all the way up to a Full House.

What is the minimum bet I can make in Slingo Riches?

The minimum bet you can make in Slingo Riches is £0.50. Adjust the size of your bet by tapping the (-) and (+) buttons when prompted at the start of the game. It’s quick and easy.

What is the maximum bet I can make in Slingo Riches?

The maximum bet you can make in Slingo Riches is £100. Use the (-) and (+) buttons beneath the paytable to increase your wager to the highest amount available.

How can I earn free spins when playing Slingo Riches?

You can trigger the Slingo Riches free spin feature by landing a Free Spin symbol in the reel’s centre column. Any free spins earned will begin once your first 11 spins end.

What do the Joker symbols in Slingo Riches do?

The Joker symbols in Slingo Riches are Scatters. Landing a Joker on the reels means you can choose any number in the same column to mark off. A Super Joker marks off any number across the grid.

Can I play Slingo Riches on a mobile device?

Yes, you can play Slingo Riches on mobile! This online slot/bingo game has been built to run smoothly across any device, including smartphones and tablets.

Our Slingo Riches Slot Review

Slingo Riches is a simple, well-designed, dynamic slingo game offering some big prizes. It includes a free spin feature, Scatter symbols to boost your chances of winning substantially, and other functions to deepen your entire experience.

Slingo Riches is easy to play, too, as with other Slingo releases. Just spin the reel and watch as matching numbers are marked off automatically!

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