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Slingo Reel King Game

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Slingo Reel King Online Description

Play a royally impressive blend of slots and bingo in Slingo Reel King!

This colourful game is packed with the fast-paced Slingo action fans know and love. And the Reel King himself brings an added touch of class — as well as some BIG prizes!

If you’ve played a Slingo Originals game online before, you’ll know what to expect: gorgeous visuals, smooth gameplay, and bonus features that bring you new opportunities to win!

Complete Slingos by matching numbers on the reel to those on the grid. Move along the Reel King bonus trail to reach the Ultra King stage. Try to land Wilds, Super Wilds, and Free Spins symbols. There’s just so much to do in Slingo Reel King!

How to Play Slingo Reel King Game

Slingo Reel King is an easy-to-play mix of traditional slots and bingo gameplay.

The action takes place on a 5x5 grid containing numbers (just like a bingo card) and a reel containing five slots below. The aim is to spin that reel and land numbers that match those on the grid. You’ll have 11 spins in which to match as many as you can.

If you mark off five numbers in a row, that’s a Slingo!

What happens next? You’ll receive a cash prize according to the paytable, and the prize will increase with each Slingo you complete.

Each of the reels in Slingo Reel King can randomly ‘ding’ on any spin. When this happens, you’ll move further along the trail at the top of the screen.

You’ll need to reach the fifth stage to trigger the Reel King Bonus, which runs up until the ‘Ultra King’ stage. This trail can randomly hold at the beginning of any spin.

Slingo Reel King is simple to control: just hit ‘SPIN’ to start your 11 spins represented by the 11 coloured balls in the ball hopper next to the grid.

Want to change your stake? Tap the plus and minus arrows beneath the paytable at the start of each game. The cash prizes in the paytable will increase or decrease in value as you adjust your bet.

Slingo Reel King Free Spins?

How can you unlock free spins in Slingo Reel King?

Each Free Spins symbol that lands on the reel will award you one extra spin. These are easy to spot: they feature a red heart with ‘FREE SPIN’ emblazoned across it in yellow.

Any Free Spins symbol could bring you an extra chance to complete a Slingo and earn a prize. Free Spins symbols are taken off the reels during Extra Spins (see below).

More Slingo Reel King Features

Wild symbol

Wild symbols in Slingo Reel King feature a jester’s hat with ‘Wild’ displayed over it in yellow.

The ‘Wild’ works as it would in a standard slot game: it substitutes for any other number but ONLY on the row directly above it.

All numbers in the corresponding row will be highlighted in blue, and you can mark any of them off.

Super Wild

A Super Wild symbol is the bigger, more powerful version of the standard Wild.

Land one of these on the reel and you’ll be invited to mark off ANY number on the entire grid — you’re not limited to just one row!

Diamond symbol

Watch out for Diamond symbols on the reel — these will block you and stop you making a match!

Extra Spins

Extra Spins are available after every game in Slingo Reel King.

You’ll need to pay the amount shown on the ‘SPIN’ button: the cost depends on the grid position and potential prizes.

You can configure the Extra Spins to suit you. Just click on the hamburger icon (the button containing three short horizontal lines) to open the menu.

Next, select Play Controls to bring up your options: Number of Extra Spins, Max Extra Spin Price, Total Single Game Stake, and Total Single Game Loss.

Set the limits you want to play with during Extra Spins, and hit ‘SAVE’ when you’re ready to dive back into the game.

Reel King Bonus

When you reach stages 5 to 9 of the Reel King Trail, a random number of Reel King characters may appear. They will spin to award you a number of prizes (such as 10x your base stake).

Your position in the trail determines the characters shown, e.g. Super King awards between three and five characters. Every character will continue its spin streak until it performs a losing spin.

Slingo Reel King FAQ

What is the minimum bet I can make in Slingo Reel King?

You can bet as little as £0.20 when you play Slingo Reel King. Tap the plus and minus buttons beneath the paytable to increase or decrease the size of your stake.

What is the maximum bet I can make in Slingo Reel King?

In Slingo Reel King, you can wager as much as £25. Adjust the value of your bet by clicking on the + and - buttons in the control panel.

How do I trigger free spins in Slingo Reel King?

Landing one Free Spins symbol in the reel will award you a free play. This gives you a free chance to complete a Slingo.

How do I complete a Slingo in Slingo Reel King?

Match five numbers on the reel to those on the grid to complete a Slingo and move up the paytable on the left of the screen.

What do Super Wilds do?

Any Super Wild symbols you land will enable you to mark off ANY number on the entire Slingo Reel King grid.

How do I move along the Slingo Reel King trail?

Each reel may randomly ‘ding’ on any spin. You’ll advance along the trail at the top of the screen when this happens.

Our Slingo Reel King Game Review

Slingo Reel King is an exceptional example of the Slingo formula! The gameplay is simple enough for beginners, but the features available also ensure there’s plenty to sink your teeth into!

Listen for those random ‘dings’ that will move you along the Reel King’s trail. Take advantage of Wilds, Super Wilds, and Free Spins. Try to add to your winnings with Extra Spins. There’s plenty to discover in this fantastic game!

Want to try it for yourself? Join Spin Genie to play Slingo Reel King now!

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