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Slingo Lucky Streak Game

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2D/3D, Irish
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Slingo Lucky Streak Description

Who would have thought you could have so much fun with a single reel and a variety of numbers - and the Slingo Lucky Streak online is simply another fantastically fun piece of evidence! The Slingo Lucky Streak game takes the sometimes stale ‘luck o’ the Irish’ themed game and gives it a fun and funky Slingo remix!

Just like other Slingo titles with the Slingo Lucky Streak the aim of the game is to complete Slingos to advance the pay ladder to bigger and better prizes. But unlike some other Slingo games, the Slingo Lucky Streak game also boasts additional features we know you’ll love like extra spins and wild and super wilds. Even if the luck o’ the Irish isn’t with you when you play, you’re sure to still have a barrel of laughs playing the Slingo Lucky Streak game.

How to Play Slingo Lucky Streak Game

When you play Slingo Lucky streak for the first time you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get started as only a few clicks are needed. Of course unless you’re enjoying Slingo Lucky Streak free play you’ll first need to set your stake amount using the + and - buttons. Then all that’s left to do is is start the game! Your game will end when you run out of lives but we’ll get to this later!

The aim of the game is simply to mark off the numbers on your game grid by matching them to the numbers you spin on the reel. Each line you mark off is called a Slingo and 11 Slingos completes the board to make a Full House. Each Slingo you complete will advance you higher up the prize ladder and when your game is done you’ll recieve the amount which correlates to your wager combined with the stage of the prize ladder you reached.

When you spin the reel you’ll notice that aside from numbers, the Slingo Lucky Streak game also has some special symbols and you’ll need to get to grips with these if you want to make the most of your gameplay. First, there’s Red Leprechaun which has the Wild symbol. This helpful fellow will mark off any number in the column above its reel position. Next up is the Green Leprechaun which is the Super Wild and lets you mark off any number on your game grid. Lastly, you’ll want to try to avoid the Celtic cross as this is the game’s blocking symbol and will prevent you from making matches!

Slingo Lucky Streak Free Spins?

There aren’t Slingo Lucky Streak free spins in the traditional sense but there are extra spins. These occur at the end of the game and allow you to buy extra spins at fixed off to help you to complete those pesky last few Slingos. The cost of extra spins varies on the progression of your game.

Not to worry if you’re only interested in free spins though, as when you deposit with Spin Genie you’ll be treated to a monumental 108 free spins!

More Slingo Lucky Streak Features

Lives System

Most Slingo games have a set number of spins to play before it’s game over but the Slingo Lucky streak is a little different. In this game you get lives which are displayed as hearts at the top of your screen. These lives represent how many spins you have remaining. You’ll only lose a life if you don’t land any matching numbers in your spin and will gain back a life if you land matching numbers. This means if you’re lucky the Slingo Lucky Streak game can take many spins to complete.

Slingo Lucky Streak FAQ

How do I complete a Slingo?

A Slingo is achieved when you’re able to mark off an entire line of numbers via finding their match on the reels. Each Slingo you achieve will move you up a stage on the prize ladder.

What’s a Full House?

Marking off your entire game grid is known as a Full House. To keep things simple you can think of this as the Slingo version of a jackpot.

What's the volatility of the Slingo Lucky Streak?

The Slingo Lucky Streak game is played at medium-to-high volatility which should provide an interesting challenge to most players without being too alienating.

How many lives do matching numbers give you?

Don’t worry if your lives are looking a little low as each time you match a number you’ll be granted 2 extra lives.

What’s the RTP of Slingo Lucky Streak?

Slingo Lucky Streak has a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 95%.

How do I tell the difference between the Wild and the Super Wild?

Both these symbols look quite similar but they can easily be told apart by looking at the color of their hats. The Wild has a red hat while the Super Wild has a green hat.

Our Slingo Lucky Streak Game Review

If you love Slingo but are looking to shake things up a bit then we cannot recommend the Slingo Lucky Streak enough. Its unique live mechanic shakes up play just enough to refresh your interest in the Slingo genre whilst still remaining true to what makes Slingo great. Will you be on a roll? Play Slingo Lucky Streak to find out!

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