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Slingo Lightning

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Slingo Lightning Description

Storm Clouds are brewing over the Slingo reels in the Slingo Lightning. With 50 numbers instead of the normal 75, landing Slingos is easier than ever in the low-to-medium volatility game.

Slingo Lightning is a low-to-medium volatility game which adds an extra spark to the standard Slingo format. With storm clouds brewing on the game screen you may feel as though you’re in for a wild ride, but rest assured you’ll still find the same 5x5 game grid and single reel placed below it just like other Slingos. Unlike some Slingo games, however, the Slingo Lightning features free spins plus unlimited extra spins to help you make the most of your gameplay.

How to Play Slingo Lightning Online

If you’re familiar with playing Slingo games then getting started with the Slingo Lightning game is easy, however, even if you’ve never played a Slingo game before, getting started with this game only takes a few clicks.

To begin, make sure you look at both game rules as well as the pay table so that you’re familiar with how the game works. Next you’ll need to set your stake amount which is done by using the + and - buttons found at the base of the game screen. The Slingo Lightning offers a wide variety of betting options meaning that you’ll be catered for no matter your playstyle or intended budget. Once you’re happy with the amount wagered you can start playing Slingo Lightning by clicking spin.

The Slingo Lightning follows exactly the same game mechanic as other Slingo games where the goal is to complete lines (vertical, horizontal, diagonal) by matching the numbers on the lines with the numbers landed each time you spin the reel. Completing a line is known as a Slingo and completing the entire grid is called a Full House.

The main difference between Slingo Lightning and other Slingo games is that there’s only 50 numbers in play instead of the usual 75 which helps increase the odds of completing Slingos. The joker and super joker have also been replaced by lightning symbols; though their effects are very much the same.

Slingo Lightning Free Spins?

Unlike some other Slingo game, the Slingo Lightning rewards players with the chance to win free spins via landing the free spins symbol. Alongside this, at the end of the main set of spins players can choose to purchase an unlimited amount of extra spins at a predetermined cost. The cost of each extra spin will depend upon the state of play and how close the player is to achieving more Slingos. The cost will always be clearly labelled above the spin button and players do not have to purchase additional spins if they do not wish to.

More Slingo Lightning Features


There’s a variety of symbols used in the Slingo Lightning, many of which differ from the traditional format, but still apply the same effects to the game. For example, instead of a joker or super joker the Slingo Lightning features a lightning bolt symbol and a super lightning bolt symbol. While these may visually appear different the lightning bolt works like the joker and can mark off any number in the column above the position it was landed. The super lightning bolt acts like the super joker and can mark off any number on the game grid.

Alongside this, the Slingo Lightning has 50 numbers in play, a free spin symbol which awards players with extra spins, and the cross symbol which blocks potential matches.

Slingo Lightning FAQ

Is there a limit to the number of extra spins I can purchase when I play Slingo Lightning?

No, players can purchase as many extra spins as they’d like on the Slingo Lightning. This is the game's version of Slingo Lightning free spins Of course, the cost for each extra spin will vary depending on the state of play, but this information will always be clearly displayed.

Can I play Slingo Lightning for free?

Yes, players can enjoy Slingo Lightning freeplay at any time and is a great way to learn the game rules or just play for fun.

What is the return to player of the Slingo Lightning?

The Slingo Lightning game has a theoretical return to player, or ‘RTP’ of 95%

What volatility is the Slingo Lightning online played at?

The Slingo Lightning online is played at low-to-medium volatility.

How many number balls are used by the Slingo Lightning game?

The Slingo Lightning game features 50 numbered balls.

Is Slingo Lightning optimized across all devices?

Yes, you can enjoy Slingo Lightning on all devices including mobile phones and tablets making it great for gaming on the go.

Our Slingo Lightning Review

We love the electrifying action provided by the Slingo Lightning online, the ability to purchase unlimited extra spins gives players way more control of the outcome of their game play, and can help to make the most of each and every round.

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