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Slingo Advance Game

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free spins, respin, win multiplier
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2D/3D, Jokers
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Slingo Advance Online Description

Love Slingo AND games with a retro ‘80s vibe?

Slingo Advance is just what you’ve been waiting for.

This beautiful game is packed with so many amazing touches we love, from the eye-popping neon colours and synth soundtrack to the incredible jackpots.

Slingo Advance awards prizes for every match and Slingo you complete, with 10000x your stake up for grabs if you achieve a full house!

And you can play Extra Spins at the end of each game when you reach Level 2 or higher — giving you more chances to top up your winnings!

How to Play Slingo Advance Game

Ready to play Slingo Advance?

The rules are simple, even if you’ve never tried a Slingo game online before. It combines the best of slots and bingo, so you’ll play on a 5x5 grid just like a standard bingo card. But the reel at the bottom of the screen will spin to reveal numbers or symbols.

And all you need to do is keep matching the numbers in the reel to those on your grid!

To start playing Slingo Advance, hit the ‘spin’ button in the game panel. You’ll reveal a star with each match you make, and all stars have a prize attached (e.g. 0.1x your stake).

The grid’s bottom row (Level 1) is the only one in play at first, but Level 2 will unlock if you get a match. You’ll climb higher and higher up the grid as you chain matches together.

For example, two matches on Level 2 will unlock Level 3 and respin the reel. Reach the top level and you’ll be playing for Slingo Advance’s biggest prizes!

How do you win any of the five jackpots? Create diagonal lines, vertical lines, a ‘T’, an ‘X’, or a full house across the grid.

Each jackpot has a unique value: you’ll get 50x your stake for one vertical line of stars, 100x for a diagonal line, and 2,500x for a ‘T’ pattern.

But an ‘X’ or a full house will bring you 1,000x and 10,000x your bet respectively!

You can increase or decrease the size of your bet by tapping the ‘STAKE’ tab at the left of the screen. Just choose one of the values (1, 5, 10, etc.) to set your wager.

Slingo Advance Free Spins?

Can you grab free spins when you play Slingo Advance?


The Free Spin symbol will award you an extra spin if it lands on the reel. But Free Spin symbols will be removed from the reel if you choose to play Extra Spins at the end of a game (see below).

Any Free Spin symbols on the reel will be added to the counter when matches send you to the next level. They’ll be used after a spin that doesn’t take you further, to give you another chance to win with a free play.

More Slingo Advance Features

Wild symbol

Slingo Advance’s Wild symbol is a bright neon joker, so he always stands out on the reel!

These can be placed on any number on an active level, but only in the column it lands on.

Advance symbol

The Advance symbol is a purple-and-orange pyramid. And it’s good news if you spot this on the reel — the next level directly above the current active level will open up!

So, if you’re playing on Level 4 and the Advance lands on the reel, you’ll move onto Level 5. That means you can start playing for bigger prizes without worrying about making a match!

Any Advance symbols on the reel will be added to the counter in the game panel when a match sends you to a higher level. They’ll be used after the next spin that doesn’t progress further.

Blocker symbol

The Blocker symbol is a red octagon with a big ‘X’ in the centre. Watch out for this — if a Blocker lands on your reel, you’ll be unable to make a match in the corresponding column.

Extra Spins

You can play Extra Spins after any game that reaches Level 2 or higher. Up to eight are available.

Each Extra Spin has its own cost, based on the game position and potential prizes.

The price of an Extra Spin will be displayed on the ‘spin button’, and it might be higher than your base bet.

You can adjust the Extra Spin limits to suit your gaming preferences. Just open the menu, open Play Controls, and tweak the settings. These include Number of Extra Spins, Max Extra Spin Price, Total Single Game Stake, and Total Single Game Loss.

Slingo Advance FAQ

How do I trigger free spins?

You can only claim free play spins when the Free Spin symbol lands on the reel. You’ll receive one free spin per symbol.

What is the minimum bet I can make in Slingo Advance?

You can start wagering from £0.20 in Slingo Advance. Tweak the size of your bet by tapping the ‘STAKE’ tab at the left of the screen.

What is the maximum bet I can make in Slingo Advance?

Slingo Advance enables you to wager as much as £25. You can increase or decrease your bet by opening the ‘STAKE’ menu at the left of the screen.

How do I play Extra Spins?

Extra Spins become available after games that reach Level 2 or higher. You’ll see the price of each spin on the ‘spin’ button — hit it if you’re satisfied with the cost

What does the Advance symbol do?

The Advance symbol can appear on the reel at any time and take you to the next level directly above the current active level.

What is the biggest jackpot in Slingo Advance?

The full house is the top jackpot: mark off all numbers in the grid for a stellar 10,000x prize!

Our Slingo Advance Game Review

Slingo Advance is one of the most amazing Slingo games online.

The neon-infused presentation is unbelievable right from the start, with a jaw-dropping attention to detail — just check out those twinkling stars and blue lights running along the scrolling wireframe landscape!

And Slingo Advance is easy to play (even for beginners) with some HUGE prizes to be won. It’s the complete package.

So, what are you waiting for? Play Slingo Advance at Spin Genie now!

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