If you're looking for a fresh take on the classic casino Roulette table then why not check out the digital version. With online Roulette you can enjoy one of the favourite land based casino games from the comfort of your own home.


Roulette is an absolutely brilliant game; it features a classic take on the iconic table game of Roulette but with a digital twist. Everything in Roulette has been designed to give players that immersive casino feeling, from the leather lined table to the polished wheel with its awe inspiring golden gilding to really nail that professional Roulette table look. If you enjoyed this game then why not check out a similar title like La Partage Roulette

How To Play

Roulette is one of those games that's incredibly easy to play; it features the standard roulette board which you can use to wager where you think the small ball is going to stop. You can place your bets by selecting one of the various chip sizes and then clicking on an area of the board that you wish to wager on. You can bet from just 0.20 pence bets straight to £2,300 so it caters to the majority of budgets.

Once you're happy with the chip size and their placement you just have to hit the `Spin' button to start the reels turning. You can also use the `Double & Spin' button to double up your current wager and then spin the reels. For the sake of simplicity you might also use the `Rebet' button to replace all your chips from your previous spin or `New Bet' if you're unsure about your current placement of chips and would like to try again.

Ways to Wager

One of the best thing about Roulette is the different ways in which you can wager. You could bet on individual numbers, black or reds appearing and even if the ball is going to land on an Odd or Even number. But that's not all! You could wager using columns, the ball landing within the first set of 12 numbers, the second set and even the third set of 12.

More experienced Roulette players might also want to try using the miniature Roulette board, which allows you to wager on a number and its subsequent `neighbours'. Plus the miniature board comes with a set of strategies, so you could use the trusted Voisins layout, the Orphelins or even the Tiers.

Payout Odds

Another feature of Roulette is that it has different odds for all the various sections on the board. For example, if you were to wager on the ball landing on a Red or Black number, you would receive odds of `1:1' on your return; likewise if you were to wager on the ball stopping on an Odd or Even number. However, if you wager on the ball landing on a specific number you'll receive the games maximum payout odds of '35:1'.

Return To Player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 97.29% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £97.29.

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