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MONOPOLY Live Slot Game

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MONOPOLY Live Slot Description

Monopoly is one of the most famous board games ever created, with dozens of special editions based on TV series, film franchises, video games, and more. While Monopoly is the basis of Monopoly Live, it’s a totally different experience than you might expect.

Monopoly Live is a wheel-based game, created as a special edition of Dream Catcher — another popular live game created by Evolution, a powerhouse brand in the live-gaming field. It’s similar to an online slot machine and a roulette table.

Despite the difference in gameplay, the Monopoly theme is reinforced nicely by the background graphics and the animated Mr. Monopoly sitting beside the wheel. He actually takes part in the action when the bonus round throws you into the classic Monopoly game brilliantly.

Whether you’re a fan of Monopoly and Dream Catcher or just a casual player, Monopoly Live offers plenty to sink your teeth into.

How to Play MONOPOLY Live Slot Machine

Monopoly consists of two main gameplay styles: spinning the wheel and Mr. Monopoly exploring the virtual Monopoly board, represented as a 3D environment. He collects prizes for players who manage to qualify for this section of the game, and his movements are based on the outcome of a dice roll in the bonus round.

The Monopoly Live wheel features 54 segments of equal size, each divided by pins. All but six of these segments are numbered (either 1, 2, 5, or 10) and coloured. The remaining segments are separated into two ‘chance’, three ‘2 rolls’ and one ‘4 rolls’.

You can wager on which segment you expect the wheel to stop at, using the betting grid displayed on the screen (over the host and the wheel).

Once bets are placed, the host will spin the wheel. The winning segment will be highlighted once the wheel has come to a stop, and if the wheel lands on a numbered segment, the player who chose correctly wins. However, if it stops on a non-numbered segment, the gameplay will go in different directions.

When the wheel comes to a stop on a ‘chance’, Mr. Monopoly offers a Chance card, featuring either a random multiplier bonus or cash prize. If it’s the former, players’ bets stay active and the host spins the wheel again, with winnings multiplied according to the multiplier provided. If it’s the cash prize, each player receives that amount.

Bets are paid with odds that match the winning segment’s number. So, if the wheel stops on the 4, this will be paid four to one, and an 8 will pay eight to one. The wager will be returned along with the winnings.

When the wheel stops at ‘2 rolls’ or ‘4 rolls’, the bonus round will be triggered. Monopoly Live is easy to play, and you can use the autoplay feature to run a specific number of rounds automatically.

MONOPOLY Live Free Spins?

While Monopoly Live features a bonus round providing a chance to win prizes, it doesn’t offer any free spins like a slot online game might. The bonus game involves Mr. Monopoly moving around a 3D Monopoly and grabbing prizes for players who qualify, before the standard wheel-based gameplay resumes.

However, Spin Genie offers players 108 free spins when you create an account and make your first deposit, for some free play.

More MONOPOLY Live Features

Bonus Mr. Monopoly round

The Monopoly Live bonus round brings an extra dimension to the experience, taking the gameplay in a different direction. This is triggered when you place bets on either the ‘2 rolls’ or ‘4 rolls’ segments correctly.

Dice will be rolled on-screen in the live studio, and depending on the number of rolls you receive when the wheel stops, the bonus round will last a minimum of two or four rolls. Mr. Monopoly moves the number of spaces dictated by the numbers on the two dice combined, and he collects prizes as he explores the 3D Monopoly board. These will be added to the player’s winnings (along with the original bet).

Different spaces on the board have basic prizes, including the Properties, Railways, Free Parking, and Utilities. Houses and hotels will be set up on some properties to boost the prizes available.

When Mr. Monopoly stops on a ‘Community Chest’ or ‘Chance’ space, either a fee or random cash prize will be awarded. Landing on Income Tax will take 10 percent off your winnings, while Supertax takes 20 percent.

Free dice roll

Players receive a free roll of the dice when a double is rolled, except for when doubles are used to get the player out of jail.


When is Monopoly Live available to play?

Evolution’s Monopoly Live operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so it’s available to play round the clock. It’s optimised for high performance on mobile and desktop platforms alike.

What is the minimum bet on Monopoly Live?

On Monopoly Live, players can place a minimum bet of £0.10. The user-friendly interface makes adjusting the value of your bet quick and easy.

What is the RTP on Monopoly Live?

The RTP (Return To Player) on Monopoly Live is 96.23 percent. It’s always worth checking the RTP before you start playing a new slot game for the first time.

What happens when the wheel stops on a ‘chance’ segment?

Predicting that the wheel will stop on a ‘chance’ segment correctly will prompt Mr. Monopoly to present you with a Chance card. You’ll receive either a random cash prize or a multiplier.

How many wheels are on the Monopoly Live wheel?

The Monopoly Live wheel features 54 segments, 48 of which include a specific colour and a number (1, 2, 5, 10). Each pays out a respective amount, e.g. landing a 5 pays out five to one.

What elements of the Monopoly board game appear in Monopoly Live?

Fans who play Monopoly Live will recognise Chance and Community Chest spaces, along with Properties, Free Parking, Taxes, Railways, Jail, Go to Jail, and more.

Our MONOPOLY Live Slot Review

Monopoly Live is another impressive live game from Evolution, combining the wheel-based gameplay of Dream Catcher with one of the most popular board games ever made. By combining a live studio and host with a 3D version of the classic Monopoly game, Evolution has created a unique gaming experience with some big prizes available.

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