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Dream Catcher Slot Game

Dream Catcher by Evolution
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Dream Catcher Slot Description

The Dream Catcher slot online takes the idea of online slots and applies it to a prize wheel. Unlike other titles the Dream catch online slot is a live dealer game and has the vibe of a classic game show - so if you’ve ever wanted to experience the dream of being a contestant, now's your chance!

As mentioned, the Dream Catcher slot machine is actually a wheel with 54 different segments (more on this later), the Dream Catcher game takes place in a flashy studio reminiscent of TV game shows and the presenter will energetically welcome you and keep you on the edge of your seat with each spin. This simple to play title is a must-play for those looking for some live action from the comfort of their own home!

How to Play Dream Catcher Slot Machine

The Dream Catcher slot game is really easy to understand. The gameplay is simple; you guess the number you think the wheel will land on, the wheel will spin, and if you’re right you win the amount which corresponds to your wager. If you're wrong, so long as no multiplier sections have been landed on (more on this later), you can place a new bet for the next wheel spin. It’s as easy as that!

Picking out your winning number is straightforward as the Dream Catcher game uses a color-coded wheel. Each of the different numbers used (1 2, 5, 20, and 40) have their own color. The Dream Catcher slot also keeps the odds very simple too, as each number pays it’s amount-to-one. For example, the number 5 has the odds of 5-to-1; and we’ll give you the full run down later on!

The last thing you need to be aware of are the two multiplier segments on the wheel. The silver segment is a 2x multiplier and the gold segment is a whopping 7x multiplier. There’s no Dream Catcher Free Play, but you can tune in at any time and watch a few rounds or play along without wagering until you feel ready to take the plunge.

Dream Catcher Free Spins?

The Dream Catcher free spins don’t work like other slots, because, as you’ve guessed this title takes the idea of slots and steps outside the box. The only way a player can achieve free spins is if the spin in which they have an active wager results in a gold or silver multiplier. When this happens the wheel is spun again (at no cost to you) and what even number it lands on will be multiplied by 2 or 7x. So, if you’ve bet on the number 40 and a gold 7x multiplier symbol is landed the wheel will be spun again and if it lands on 40 you’ll win the 40-to-1 odds x7. If the wheel were to stop on a multiplier again then the total amount of multipliers would accumulate until a number is landed on.

If you want more traditional free spins then don’t worry either as depositing with SpinGenie awards 108 free spins!

More Dream Catcher Features

Odds Rundown

As this is a classic wheel-spinning game, the dream catcher slot doesn’t offer much else in the way of special features. The most stand-out feature aside from the multiplier free spins is how well thought out and easy to remember the odds and payouts are for the game, which are as follows:

  • 1: Pays 1-to-1 (23 segments)
  • 2: Pays 2-to-1 (15 segments)
  • 5: Pays 5-to-1 (7 segments)
  • 10: Pays 20-to-1 (4 segments)
  • 20: Pays 20-to-1 (2 segments)
  • 40: Pays 40-to-1 (1 segment)

Dream Catcher FAQ

What value has the lowest number of segments?

There are three values with only one segment on the wheel; the number 40, the silver multiplier space, and the gold multiplier space.

How many free spins can I land per round?

Most commonly only one free spin is made when a multiplier has been landed on. However, this may reach two or three free spins if consecutive multipliers are landed.

Can I play Dream Catcher at any time?

Yes! While this is a live dealer game, the Dream Catcher slot runs 24/7 (with a change in presenter of course!)

What is the value of the multiplier spaces?

The silver segment applies a 2x multiplier, while the gold segment applies an impressive 7x multiplier.

Which number has the most segments?

The number 1 which pays out odds of 1-to-1 is the most common number and has 23 segments on the wheel.

What is the RTP of the Dream Catcher slot game?

The Dream Catcher slot has a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 90-57-96.58% depending on your chosen operator.

Our Dream Catcher Slot Review

When you play Dream Catcher you’re sure to be on the edge of your seat with each spin. The live dealer adds a personal touch to the game which can be lacking in other slot titles and the gameshow aesthetic is sure to bring your dreams of being a contestant to life! We love how simple the rules and payouts of the game have been made too as it allows players to focus on the thrill of the spins instead of getting bogged down by terms and conditions!

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