Top Reasons Why You Should Try Queen Slots

Reasons to try Queen Slots
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Long live the Queen! We’re going regal here at SpinGenie, so make sure you don your finest clothes; because you’ll want to make a good impression for our monarchs. In today’s article, we’ll be exploring the top reason why you’ll want to join the royal court and try out some Queen slots. So move over Kings, princes, and knights, this ones for the girls!


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Queen-Themed Slots

From your classic medieval fayre to ancient history, and even some creative fantasy and sci-fi features, no queen-themed slot is the same in name or deed. If you’d like a list of great Queen-themed slot games to try, then check out our shortlist of  “Queen Slot Games You Should Try”. But for now, on with our list!

Great Soundtracks

While back in the early days of slot machines, the music was more of an 8-bit annoyance than anything immersive, these days developers go hard when it comes to the soundtrack. A Queenly theme lends itself to rousing classical or fantasy-inspired music, so be prepared for some pretty great themes when you’re playing a Queen-themed slot game. You might even want to bring some Air Pods or head phones with you if you’re playing these games on mobile devices. 

Women Empowering Theme

Who run the world? Well, if you agree with Beyonce it’s girls, and it’s certainly female empowerment that takes center stage in most queen-themed slot games. In these games, it's all girl power, with mighty Queens taking center stage, with a supporting cast of daring knights and beautiful princesses around them. With so many slots featuring leading males, such as Rich Wilde, it makes a refreshing change to have a lady in charge, and who knows, depending on who you talk to, girls do it better!

Features Amazing Women Figures

In Queen-themed slots, you can find amazing icons, both fictional and historical. Join Queen Guinevere on her quests with Arthur, or paint the roses red with the Red Queen, there are plenty of options. Probably the most iconic Queen of the slots world, and for many the real world is Cleopatra, and in slot games, you’ll find many examples of her likeness. In fact, Cleopatra has has quite the impact on the slot machine industry, thanks to IGT’s iconic Cleopatra slot which first debuted in land-based casinos 2012 before moving to an online format. This slot was such as smash hit that it created a boom in Ancient Egyptian-themed slots and the game itself has morphed into a franchise with multiple spin offs such as Cleopatra Gold. 

Unique Features

As Queen-themed slots are heavily influenced by ideas of royalty, the bonus features on offer in these games tend to be a luxurious offering of unique features alongside slot staples like free spins, gamble features, and multipliers. You’ll also most commonly be treated to glittering gold symbols adorned with gems and finery.  We won’t list more here, as part of the fun of finding new amazing slot games is discovering and activating these exciting features for yourself!

Check Out These Epic Queenly Slots

If you’re already sold on trying Queen-themed slots and want some options of where to start, then check out our listicle of Queen-themed slots to try. This list includes smash hits like John Hunter and the Scarab Queen and The Red Queen slot, as well as some more niche titles you might not have heard of. Either way all of the slots in this list feature great soundtracks, girl power, historical figures, and a unique feature or two, so they represent the very best of Queen-themed slots. 

Save the Kingdom, Rule the Nation, Play Queen-Themed Slots at Spin Genie 

Whether you see yourself as a warrior Queen, a graceful ruler, or just a humble servant to her majesty, there are tons of great Queen-themed slot machines to try right here at Spin Genie. Sign up and play today.


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