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Pragmatic's Snakes & Ladders New Live Games
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We’ll be honest, there’s a lot of great live games coming out right now, and it's a bit hard to keep track, but the brand new release of Pragmatics new live game Snakes & Ladders is definitely one you don’t want to snooze on. 

An adult reimagining of the classic family game Snakes & Ladders Live is a fast-paced but easy-to-play game, revolving around dice rolls. There are also two bonus rounds on offer and a friendly host will oversee all the action.

Best of all, here at Spin Genie, you get to play this hot release two weeks before the general casino population; thanks to our affiliation with the SkillOnNet network. So, be sure to be right here at SpinGenie from the 11th of May where you can play this game two weeks before its global release on the 25th.


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This Isn’t the Snakes & Ladders You Played as a Kid!

It goes without saying that all casino games in the UK are for players 18+, and though Snakes & Ladders Live may have been inspired by the classic family game, its fast pace and exciting action sees this humble game elevated to new heights. You’ll need to have your wits about you to dodge those snakes and climb the all-important ladders, especially when you learn that each round, on average, lasts about 30 seconds. 

Each round of the Snakes & Ladders Live game revolves around the rolling of four dice. On each dice are four different icons, Diamonds, and stars, which are responsible for awarding payouts when two matching symbols are landed in a single roll, and two more mysterious sides labeled ‘SL’ and ‘ST’. These letters refer to the two bonus rounds on offer in this live game, the first benign the Snakes and Ladders bonus, which is triggered when two or more decide to land with ‘SL’ face up. When this happens another dice will be rolled to determine what level this bonus will be played at; bronze, silver, or gold. The second bonus round, the ‘Snake Totem’ bonus, requires three or four dice to display ‘ST’.

Play Pragmatic Live's Snakes & Ladders at Spin Genie From the 11th of May!

Remember, if you love an exclusive, then you’ll want to be right here at Spin Genie where you’ll be able to play the brand-new Snakes and Ladders live game two weeks before the rest! Sign up and play today!


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