Slingo Riches Slot Slot Review

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Welcome to this Slingo Riches slot machine review! Here we will be discussing the slot's intricate design, fun interface/layout and even how to get involved in playing the Slingo Riches slot itself. Lastly, we will cover the features and bonuses the Slingo Riches slot has to offer but also how you can trigger them while playing.

Slingo Riches Slot Slot Overview

Slingo Riches slot UK has a stunning theme of silly clowns, bingo-style design and even bright colours. The Slingo Riches game is very similar to its other titles within the Slingo slot category, however with its great additional rewards and some hefty prizes to be one, you cannot go wrong with Slingo Riches online slot. 


The symbols in this stylish designed slot machine consist of a few fun and interesting characters and designs, you can read through them below;

The Devil: The devil is a symbol which will prevent the player from matching other symbols on their interface. So try to keep away from him.

Joker: The Joker is a small individual that has a colourful red hat, but he is able to mark off any number in any spot it has landed on

Super Joker: The Super Joker on the hand, is dressed to impress in all green, and when he appears he will mark off any number in any position on the game grid. 

Coin: The coin can land on the central column and when it does the player will be awarded a cash prize, there and then. 

Free Spin: As you can probably tell the Free Spin symbol is a pile of yellow balls. When it appears in the centre column it will award the player with a free spin to be played at the end of the main game. 


The theoretical return to player rate of Slingo Riches online slot is slightly below the market average at 95%. Being slightly below market average does mean the payouts are not as common as other slot machines, however, don’t let that deter you from playing, as the slot machine does offer a grand experience with those fun characters stated before. The minimum amount a player can wager is as low as 50p. Whereas the highest bet someone can place is a staggering £100, looking at you high rollers. 

How To Play Slingo Riches Slot


Getting started on the Slingo Riches is all well and good but first, the player need to know how to play, so let's learn before we rush into things. First, the player will need to get their wager by clicking on either the “+” or “-” to increase or disease the wager. Once the player is happy with their set wager, they must find the start button on the left-hand side. 

The Slingo Riches slot has a slot machine interface of a 5 by 5 reel and row layout. Upon pressing the start button the player will notice the reels setting into motion. Each game of Slingo Riches is played with 11 spins. There is a total of 5 maximum numbers (or symbols) that can land per spin. Marking off any numbers in a line is considered a Slingo and will advance the player up to the next prize ladder. To win the largest prize players will need to unlock all numbers on the grid before the 11 spins are up. 

When your 11spins come to an end, and the player realises that they are close to a win, then never fear as the player can purchases more wins (up to 4) to try and claim that prize. The prize for all spins will be consistent and be clearly labelled to show the change and reflect the current state of play. 

Slingo Riches Slot Slot Game Features


Slingo Riches slot bonuses are also interesting and fun, lets's read on to find out more. 

Joker Bonus

Landing 3+ Jokers or Super Jokers within a single spin will award players with the Joker Bonus which is an instant cash prize. 

Extra Spins

Up to four extra spins can be purchased at the end of the main game which can help players to complete additional Slingos. The cost for each spin will change depending on the current state of play.

Slingo Riches Prize Ladder

Listed below is the Slingo Riches prize ladder. Each Slingo completed will advance players up the ladder to bigger and better prize payouts. 

  • One Slingo: 0.1x wager
  • Two Slingos: 0.2x wager
  • Three Slingos: 0.5x wager
  • Four Slingos: 1x wager
  • Five Slingos: 2x wager
  • Six Slingos: 4x wager
  • Seven Slingos: 7x wager
  • Eight Slingos: 10x wager
  • Nine Slingos: 25x wager
  • Ten Slingos: 50x wager
  • Full House: 200x wager

Slingo Riches Slot Slot on Spin Genie

If you believe this slot machine is the one for you and that you have also enjoyed this Slingo Riches slot review, then head down to and try this marvellous game for yourself. If you are unable to use a computer device then try playing the Slingo Riches mobile slot version which can be played anywhere and anytime. 


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