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Plinko Games
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Even if you haven’t heard of the name ‘Plinko’ before, you’ll probably recognise the game when you see it. Most commonly seen on the iconic TV gameshow the price is right, Plinko has now become a popular mainstay of online casinos. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a closer look at Plinko games and how they work.


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Discovering Plinko Games 

Plinko is played on a board with a field of pegs in a pyramid shape, whether you play online or in a real casino. The ball's path is depicted by these pegs all the way down to the bottom. A ball or chip drops from the top of the pyramid when the game first begins, getting redirected by the pegs. When the ball/chip hits the base of the pyramid, its winnings are determined by the slot it lands in. Although it is challenging for your ball to reach those slots unless the pegs deflect in your favour, the slots in the bottom corners of the board have substantially bigger reward values. Your ball is more likely to be deflected into one of the lesser payout slots toward the pyramid's middle because of its lower reward values.

The History of Plinko Games

The popular Japanese game "pachinko" which served as the inspiration for Plinko had its roots in the United States. American children's game known as the "Corinth game." inspired Pachinko and in 1924, it was brought from the US to Nagoya, Japan. The first Pachinko parlour opened in Nagoya in 1930, and it quickly evolved into an automated game of chance for adults. In less than six months, about 35 parlours were opened as a result of the game's enormous popularity.

It wasn’t until the 1980s that Plinko as we know it was born. Plinko, widely regarded as one of the most well-known pricing games in the world, first became popular on the television program The Price is Right. Since January 3, 1983, it has been the most well-liked pricing game on the program.

The game's top reward of $25,000 was the largest on The Price is Right when it first aired.  The Price is Right's all-time favourite pricing game is Plinko, which is possibly the most well-known of all the pricing games featured on the program. Plinko gambling games and their own Plinko boards have both been produced by numerous carnivals and game manufacturers.

Plinko Games’ Mechanics: How The Game Works

Plinko allows players to select from a variety of balls or chips. You must place a wager on one of the chips and press "Play" to begin playing. Your ball will then begin at the top of the pyramid and descend by bouncing off the pegs. The payout amount of the ball determines your winnings once it has dropped and fallen into a slot.

When the ball is dropped, players have control over its pace. The speed control button on the game dashboard can be used to achieve this. In the game, the hare speeds up the ball's descent while the tortoise aids in slowing it down. The outcomes are determined by a dropped ball's trajectory and its final destination, which are determined by well-positioned pegs. A left or right swing is produced by each horizontal level of the Plinko pyramid, which corresponds to the visual direction your ball takes. In terms of your gaming, your ball would need to follow an entirely left or entirely right path to receive the highest payout.

The results and subsequent prizes are determined by multiplying each float by two, as these reflect your payouts on either side of the Plinko board, due to the fact that the ball can only move in two directions. Wagers on Plinko games can start at just 1p but can reach up into the thousands depending on the limits imposed by the developer of the title.

In online Plinko, a casino random number generator is used in a method that is proven to be fair to produce your result. This makes sure that your gaming experience is honest and open.

Plinko Games’ Pros and Cons

All online casino games have their pros and cons. The key pros and cons of Plinko games are as follows:


  • The game is easy to learn and is suitable for players of all ages. (Though of course when playing the gambling variant only those 18+ are permitted)
  •  The game is appropriate for both big rollers and casual players because it can be played at various stake levels. 
  • The game is an exciting one because it can be won or lost depending on the player's luck and the outcomes, similar to roulette, are completely down to chance.


  • Players can frequently lose significant sums of money in a single session since the game's outcomes are completely random. Therefore players must ensure they practise responsible gambling practises. 
  • Players hoping for a strategic gambling experience seen in games such as Blackjack should avoid Plinko because there’s no strategy involved. 
  • Because the gameplay of Plinko is so simple, it can become tiresome quite quickly.

Conclusion: Play Plinko at Spin Genie

Plinko is a simple and entertaining game that is accessible to all. If you’d like to play Plinko, sign up and play today at Spin Genie. Have fun, and of course, always gamble responsibly!


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