Ask Genie: What are Slot Scatter Symbols?

Slot Scatter Symbols
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Online slots have always been big business, making up the majority of games featured in online casinos and one of the reasons for this is the selection of special symbols commonly found in these games which can lead to increased payouts, exciting bonus rounds, multipliers, and more. 

One such symbol referred to as a "scatter symbol," often known as "scatters," refers to a bonus symbol that can be found in many slots. While scatter symbols are known to initiate additional features like mini-games, bonus rounds, and, most commonly, free spins they can also offer a prize payout, typically when two or more are landed on the reels as opposed to the traditional requirement of three symbols.

Join us as we explore further the inner workings of this staple slot machine symbol before playing the top slot games right here at Spin Genie.


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The Basics: Understanding Online Slot Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols, also known as a slot game player's best buddy, enable a number of built-in additional features. They also serve as multipliers or stand in for other symbols to help construct winning combos in other slot machine games. Instead of needing to line up on an active payline to result in a win, scatter symbols are unique in that they only need to appear on the reels in a certain quantity to result in a payout or bonus feature.

To explain simply, scatter symbols are a very valuable component of any slot machine, and can drastically change the outcome of gameplay by triggering bonus features. Therefore knowing their significance as a player will undoubtedly improve your grasp of the game and up your overall slot knowledge.

Tell Me More: How do Scatter Symbols Work?

There are two ways that scatter symbols differ from other symbols. To start with, they don't need to appear in a payline to result in a payout. Instead, the player may receive a prize when such symbols occur anywhere on any slot reel. Second, wild symbols cannot replace these symbols. 

Most slot games have different scatter symbol rules than others. A specified minimum amount of scatter symbols typically must appear on a single spin in order to trigger a bonus round. Verifying the specific workings of the scatter slot you are playing can be found either on the games information page or within the information section of the slot itself. 

In most slot machine games, three or more scatter symbols must show up on the reels in order for a possible prize to be multiplied. Both the line win and the total win are multiplied by scatter symbols. In order to enhance their chances of winning when scatters appear, many slot players prefer to wager on all lines; of course, please only do this if you have the budget available to do so, as over everything else you should always practice responsibly gambling. 

Expert Knowledge: Types of Scatter Symbols

Just like wild symbols, scatters can come in many different forms, the most commonly seen types of scatter symbols used in slot machines are explored in more detail below:

Free Spins Scatters

The majority of scatter slot machine games will award you with free spins if you match three or more scatter symbols. It normally takes between 5 and 10 spins, although each slot machine is different. The wager amounts and active paylines for each free game are determined by the last spin when the bonus feature is activated.

Bonus Game Scatters

Bonus mini-games are typically included in slot games without free spins. When three or more scatter symbols appear on the reels, the game is activated. Depending on the slot machine you are playing, the bonus game will vary. The Wheel of Fortune and pick-and-win features are two examples of what you can encounter.

Scattered Wilds

Some slot machine games feature scatters that turn into wilds and serve as stand-ins for other game symbols. In turn, the newly transformed wilds lessen the number of unnecessary symbols on the reels, increasing the likelihood that players will hit a winning combination.

Play Slots With Scatters Like a Pro!

As you can see, scatter symbols are really easy special symbols to understand, but they can have a huge impact on your gameplay experience. Now you have the knowledge, try out one of our many fantastic slot games with scatter symbols here at Spin Genie? Sign up and play today and always gamble responsibly, even if you have more than your betting budget.


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