Ask Genie: What are High Limit Slots?

High Limit Slots
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High-limit slots can be a little bit exciting prospect for many slots players, but what are they, and should you play them? Continue reading our AskGenie article to find out more. 


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High Limit Slots

Games with higher minimum stake requirements than the majority of casino games are considered high-limit gaming. Slot machine games typically only demand minimal amounts to play, ranging from one penny to a pound. Every online slot machine has some form of limit, usually one that allows players with most budgets to have a spin or two.

Slot machine minimum stakes can range from £5 to more than £100 for each spin in high-limit gambling. While all based on luck, there’s the chance for larger wins, while spending more for each round. It's a situation with high risk and potential payoff.

Benefits of Playing High-Limit Slots

High-limit slots are ideal for players looking for slots with hefty payout potential, though, of course, this is all down to chance, and wagering big doesn’t mean that you’re going to win big, but still, the anticipation can be exciting for many - just ensure you have the budget for this. For more experienced players, playing high-limit slots can feel like cutting out the fuss and getting straight to the point. You spend big, and if the odds are with you might land a nice win or two, and that’s that.

Differences Between High Limit and Regular Slots?

In a casino's slot UK game lobby, standard slots occupy the majority of the space. Regular slot machines normally cost between 1 and 50p per spin, so a budget of £10 can go a long way. High-limit slots are similar to regular slots but with greater minimum bets. They typically make up a minor portion of the games available on a casino's website.

The house edge for both varieties of slots games ranges between 2-15%, with the remainder being the RTP, or "return to player" percentage. Regular slots and high-limit slots typically have the same house advantage so you may budget your profits and wagers accordingly with each round; the only differences are the wagering restrictions, potential volatility, and hit rates.

Tips for Playing High-Limit Slots

High-limit slot machines aren't for slot newbies, if you've never played a slot before it's best to learn the ropes on casual low-limit slot machines. The biggest tip that can be given to players wanting to attempt high-limit slots is to make sure you understand what you're getting into and to take things slow. While a quick five spins of the reels at 20p per spin only adds up to £1, if you wagering £200 per spin the same 60 seconds can cost £1,000. Make sure you have a knowledge of the projected stats for the machine you're playing, such as RTP, volatility, and hit rate, so you know the theoretical ball ball, so to speak, (though at the end of the day all results are random) to avoid frustration and falling into irresponsible gambling practices.

Be sure to set yourself a budget as well as a win-and-loss limit for your session as this is simply good gambling practice. Make a physical note of your budget and don’t go over it- no matter how tempting. Alongside this set yourself a loss limit, aka, how much you’re willing to lose, and importantly a win limit, aka how much you’d be theoretically satisfied walking away with if your luck is in. If you’re unlucky and hit your loss limit - even if you still have money left in your budget, stop. If you’re lucky and hit your win limit - cash out and celebrate your winnings, don’t be greedy and risk what you’ve already won!

Play High Limit Slots at Spin Genie: If You Have the Budget and Gaming Mettle! 

At Spin Genie you’ll find a good selection of high-limit slot games that you can try if you have the budget for them. Remember, always play within your means, and always gamble responsibly. Sign up and play today.


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