Difference Between High and Low Stakes?

Difference of High and Low Stakes
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Not all slots are created equally, and slots in the UK are designed to appeal to a wide variety of player types. In general, slots can be arranged into two categories: high and low stakes (though some do break the proverbial mold), but what’s the difference between the two? Join us in today’s article as we take a closer look!


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What Are High Stakes Slots?

High-stakes slot machines are the ones that are riddled with tension, that, though based solely on luck, seem to present players with periods of stinginess, with players hoping to beat the odds and land a generous win . First off, the core characteristic of high-stakes video slots is that they are riskier to play since they demand huge bets. To put it simply, high-stake slots are riskier slot machines because they are very unpredictable, but the payouts, when awarded, tend to be higher in value mostly due to the increased value of the paytable.

Players who like a challenge and who love to take variables like volatility, RTP, hit rate, and other elements into consideration, tends to be drawn to high-stakes slot machines as they feel very much like a challenge waiting to be conquered.

What Are Low Stakes Slots?

Low-stake video slots are the reverse of high-stake video slots, and usually speaking, when you want to gamble casually and unwind, low-stake slots are very advantageous. These games allow players to wager as little as $0.01 for each spin, making them ideal for people who enjoy gambling but are on a tight budget. Of course, these slots have one major disadvantage: despite the payouts being more frequent, they're typically of smaller value. But as games like Mega Moolah have shown, this isn't always the case.

Differences Between High and Low Stakes?

So, what are the differences between High and Low Stakes slot machines? Let’s take a closer look:


Low-stakes slot machines tend to offer a lower betting threshold, often starting at just 1p per spin, on a similar vein their upper limits tend to be smaller in value of around £10-20. On the flip side, the minimum wager per spin for high-stakes slots usually ranges between 25-50p, and this may not cover all paylines. The upper threshold in high-stakes slots can reach into the hundreds of pounds.


Low-stakes slots usually offer lower value prizes within their paytable often with the top prize being between 200-1000x, with smaller prizes starting as low as 0.1x. However, though lower in value, low-stakes slots usually offer a higher hit rate, and lower volatility meaning that wins will likely come in more frequently, but will most usually be of a lower value.

On the other hand, high-stakes slot games can have top prizes of 5000x or more, even a progressive pot, but the lower end of the paytable will often be on par with low-stakes slots. For an added challenge, high-stakes slots tend to be played at high volatility and have a lower hit rate, meaning that while the wins that can be achieved are more sizeable, they’re often few and far between.


There are benefits and drawbacks to both types of slot games, and it all comes down to what you’re looking to get out of your slot experience. If you’re a more casual player who likes a little flutter when kicking back and relaxing at the end of the day, then a low-stakes slot makes a perfect choice. Low-stakes slots are budget-friendly, and you can get a long amount of playtime out of just a few quid. (Of course, always gamble responsibly). 

High Stakes slot games are ideal for the seasoned casino player but should probably be avoided by rookies due to their high-risk.High-stakes slot machines present with high risk but potentially high reward so the benefits of this type of game are, of course, the chance for a hefty payout, or even a jackpot.


While there are, of course, games that break the mold, so always check the game information, you can often gain an indication of whether a slot is high or low stakes by the theme they have. As they are designed towards more casual play, a low of low-stakes slots will have lighthearted or cartoony themes, whereas high-stakes slots tend to feature daring adventurers and exciting fantasy themes. 

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