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How to Win Slot Machines
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Online slots are still without a doubt the most popular form of online casino games. With thousands of great titles to choose from, plenty with enticing bonuses and jackpot potential it is understandable that the question of ‘How to Win Slot Machines’ should arise. 

Although online slots are purely a game of chance, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of winning. Choosing the ideal slot for you based on your personal preferences, budget, and playstyle will help you enjoy online slots more. In this post, we'll look at the best ways to boost your chances of winning higher rewards and even jackpots on online slot machines with our top tips for 2024.


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What Are Slots?: A Quick Recap

The first physical slot machine was invented in San Francisco by German inventor Charles Fey in 1894. Technology has improved slots, and the ones we see now are much more complex than the 3-reel machines of the early 1900s. There are plenty of physical slot machines in casinos worldwide, but thousands of avid gamers seek fresh and inventive online slots, thus most games are now online.

There are many variations on the fundamental slot machine, but it all starts with the reels, usually 3x3 in classic slots and 5x3 in video slots (but more in Megaways games). Players bet and click to spin the reels. Except otherwise stated, the goal is to land 3 or more matching symbols across an active payline, with winnings multiplied by the player's wager according to the paytable. Fixed payline games have a defined number of 'winning ways', while unfixed paylines titles let the player choose how many to utilise. Cluster pay slots eliminate paylines altogether and require matching symbols to form a group.

The final core element of a slot machine, particularly an online and modern one is the bonus elements included. Most slots offer some kind of bonus, from simple wild and scatter symbols and free spins to those with pick-and-win features, trail bonuses, prize wheels, hold-and-win jackpot games, and more.

Are Strategies Truly Effective For Winning at Slots?

With such a long history, understandably, countless players have tried to develop the perfect winning strategy. Over the years many of these have become legendary, from the theory of ‘Hot’ and ‘Cold’ games, to superstitions regarding the time of day which you play at real-world venues. There have even been illegal strategies that feel as though they’re right out of a MacGyver or Inspector Gadget plotline; from coins attached to string to rigging the machines with magnets. 

More commonly in modern online slots and other online casino games, players opt to use a betting strategy such as the Martingale to try to mitigate losses and manage their bankroll. So, this begs the question; do any of these methods (outside illegal using magnets and string!) actually lead to increased wins on slot machines?

Well, we hate to break it to you, but the short answer is no. Online slot machines and real-world video slots use randomising software known as ‘random number generation’ (RNG) to ensure that all outcomes follow no predictable pattern and are therefore completely random. All legitimate slot machine developers work with third-party testers such as E-Cogra to ensure their games are totally random, and therefore 100% fair.

This means no legitimate and legal strategy can actively predict or produce wins, no matter what their loyal fanbase might say. Instead, when it comes to winning at slot machines, you should focus your attention on gaming responsibly, and not making excessive or reckless wagers. 

Top Tips for Winning Slot Machines in 2024

While there is no legal or legitimate way to guarantee or predict winning outcomes, you can make a few simple choices to keep your odds as favourable as possible, such as those mentioned below.

Play With the Best Math Model (RTP)

Most online slots will have a default math model reflected in the return to player percentage (RTP) as well as one or more alternative options and it is at the host casinos’ discretion which is used. The higher the theoretical RTP the more the odds are in your favour. The average RTP for modern slots is around 96% with most slots ranging from 95.5-97% as their default figure. However, it is common for the alternative math models offered to be as low as 88% so always check before wagering.

Understand Volatility (and Hit Rate)

The volatility of a slot game reflects how often and how much a game is likely to pay out. Low-volatility games will offer more frequent wins of lower value, while high-volatility games will pay out less often but likely at larger increments, with medium volatility slots in the middle of these ranges. The volatility of a slot can also be reflected in its hit rate; which is how often (on average) a winning combination should be formed; with low-to-medium volatility games having a hit rate of around 1 in 3-5 spins, while medium-to-high titles featuring a hit rate of 5-7 spins. 

Knowing these terms and understanding what they mean is instrumental in ensuring the slot game you play suits your style, ensuring that winning combinations and values are formed at an average rate that matches your preferred pace of play. 

Play Jackpot Slots with Caution

Jackpot slots are popular within the slots community as they are linked to progressive jackpot slots which can reach up to millions in value. However, these slots usually have a far lower RTP of around 94% to account for said jackpot, and their base play is usually played at high volatility. Your odds of winning a progressive jackpot are slim, so weigh up whether this chance is worth it to you at the cost of a more challenging maths model.

Always Read the Gameplay Information

At Spin Genie the pages for our slots contain useful information such as the volatility, RTP, reel set, and more, but you can also find more information about the slot when clicking on the ‘i’ (or similar button) found once the game has loaded. Here you can find handy information such as the paytable; so you know which symbols to look out for as well as the available features and how they work.

Test Out Games in Demoplay Mode

Almost all online slot machines can be played in demo play or ‘free play’ mode. This can be a smart option to use if you are curious about a title but have some reservations. Playing games in this way allows you to fully test them out, so you can see if the payout rate and odds are to your preference, as well as if said slot is going to eat through your bankroll with minimal reward; before committing to real money wager.

Always Gamble Responsibly!

This is one of the tips that we give players no matter the game they play, or their wagering style. Responsible gambling practices are the number one way that you can win at slot machines. By setting yourself a session limit and budget you can make sure you don’t end up overspending or spin the hours away.  

Winning at Slots: Not As Simple As It Seems!

As the Genie has revealed from today’s article, there is no surefire method that you can use to guarantee wins on slot machines. All casino games are games of chance, and while statistics and math models can indicate the likelihood of given outcomes over hundreds of thousands of spins, these are only informed predictions; as random chance cannot be quantified. 

When it comes to what it truly means to win at slots; you might need to broaden your horizons beyond monetary values. In general, casino games should only be played as an entertaining hobby; so, if you’re having fun while playing you’re technically already winning and any financial prizes are just the cherry on the proverbial cake!

To play top online slots and casino games, sign up and play today at Spin Genie. Good luck, have fun, and always gamble responsibly. 


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