Ask Genie: How to Find the Best Slot Machines to Play?

Ask Genie: How to Find the Best Slot Machines to Play?
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There’s no single answer to the ‘best’ slot machine out there, as all slots are designed to appeal to a different cross-section of players. While some more popular slots will have their dedicated fan base, even some of the lesser-known titles can be the perfect slot for the right kind of player. Because of this, in this article, we’ve opted to give you a general overview of criteria that you can use to narrow the field and help you to find the best slot machine for you. 

Criteria in Finding the Best Slot Games UK


We’ve already created a comprehensive guide about slot themes, which makes for a great read if you’re looking to find out more. However, for a brief overview, the theme of a slot can make or break whether or not it is successful. If a theme doesn’t appeal to players or is inconsistent, gamers are less likely to engage with the content leading to low player numbers and no chance of a sequel or franchise for the slot in question. The best online slots developers keep their fingers firmly on the pulse of trends and will create new slot games that fill previous gaps in the market or appeal to what’s currently getting players excited. Of course, there are definitely some main-stay themes that will be with us until the end of time, and many top online slots will fit into these themes including Luck o’ the Irish, Adventure, Ancient Egyptian, Licensed, and Retro-themed slot games. When looking for the perfect slot for you, think about your interests outside online gaming, such as your favorite movies, shows, songs, and so on, and you should find an overlapping theme that you should be on the lookout for. 

Bonus Features

Once a player is drawn in by the theme of the slot they need to become captivated by the bonus features on offer to them. This is the factor that makes some slots rise above others and have players returning time and time again. There are a variety of bonus features that are common to the best online slot games in the UK such as free spins, pick and win bonuses, re-spins, and so on, but some of the top online slots out there will come up with their own unique take on the classic features, or offer something completely new entirely. This is great for long-time slots fans as it creates a more refreshing experience and re-engages players who might have been becoming bored with the ‘same old, same old’ as it were. At Spin Genie all our best casino slots have their own reviews and information pages, which allows you to see the bonus features on offer and make an informed decision. 


If you tend to decide on the best slots via statistics, then you’ll want to take the RTP of the games on offer into consideration. At Spin Genie we’ve made a guide to slots with the highest RTPs, as this is what most of the best UK slots will feature, but that isn’t always the case. The current market average for slot machines is 96%, so games around this ballpark will be pretty average in terms of their payouts. Of course, the higher the percentage is above this marker the more generous a slot is likely to be, which makes said titles perfect for new and casual players. However, more seasoned players may actually be tempted by the great slots whose RTP sits on the lower side of the spectrum, as these often high volatility classics can bring the greatest challenge; just another factor to bear in mind when finding the best slot to play. 


Volatility is basically the difficulty rating of a slot machine, with games classed as low volatility paying out more often, but typically at a much lower value than high volatility games, which pay out far less frequently. When it comes to the ‘best’ slots in regards to volatility there’s no right or wrong answer as it all depends on the kind of player you are. If you like a more relaxed experience, then low volatility games will appeal to you, but if you prefer a high-octane challenge you’ll want to give high volatility slots a try. If you want the best of both worlds, then the medium volatility titles will make a perfect choice. 

Play All The Best Slots at Spin Genie

If you’re ready to start exploring and find your perfect slot machine then look no further than Spin Genie where hundreds and hundreds of great titles await you. If you want to be spoilt for choice then sign up and play today.


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