Ask Genie: How does Online Slots Multiplier Work?

Online Slots Multiplier
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The fundamental component of slots with multipliers is the bet multiplier, which can increase your wins by doubling, tripling, quadrupling, or more for a single play. The minimum bet multiplier at practically all slot machines with multipliers is 2. In terms of the maximum multiplier, there are several slots where multipliers can go up to 10x or double digits. Multipliers come in many different forms, which is why in today’s article we’ll be answering the question ‘how do online slots with multipliers work’, but exploring the different forms of multiplier features.

Types of Multiplier 

Slots with multipliers aren’t created equal, and many money multiplier slots and the best multiplier slots will have a unique take on how their multiplier feature works such as through a symbol or free spins as we explore further in the list below. 

Base Game Multipliers

In base play, multipliers—at least the particular ones with unique symbols—are not very popular. Although many slots do have multipliers in base play, this isn’t the most common source of multipliers. The value of the winning payline will only be multiplied in many basic play variants, though. For instance, the total reward for landing 5 Cars on one active payline will be 2X if you also obtain a 2X multiplier on the line.

Free Spin and Bonus Game Multipliers

The frequency of free spin multipliers is substantially higher than that of basic game multipliers. Multipliers are one way that many slot makers have made the free spins seem different from base play. Some game designers choose to utilise symbols that are distinct from those found in basic play.

The allure of free spin rounds on some slots is that you might be asked to select your multiplier from obscure icons. This increases your probability of receiving very generous bonuses and offers the player a feeling of involvement with the slot machine and the results of their play. Free Spins Multipliers often multiply all winnings from free spins by a certain amount (e.g. 2X, 10X, etc.)

Scattered Multipliers 

Some scatter symbols in slot machines also function as multipliers. In these slots, it suffices for the scatter to appear anywhere on the screen without having to be on a line. In the aforementioned example, the feature can be activated with just 3 Jets and a scatter symbol on any other line. Additionally, you can find a slot machine with multipliers for both wilds and scatters. Some, though, will only offer these as part of bonus or free games.

Wild Multipliers

Finding a wild icon that also functions as a multiplier is common. Using the aforementioned example, suppose that in a specific slot machine game, Cars are wild and that you have two of the three Jets required to create a winning payline. Since the Car is a wild symbol, it can replace any other symbol on the line to create a winning combination. Furthermore, if the multiplier is a wild one (in our case, it will have a 3X attached to it), it will multiply all line wins by 3X, resulting in a prize that is 3X the value of 3 Jets on an active payline.

Bet or Win Multipliers

It's critical to know whether the multiplier you receive will apply to your winnings as well as your wager on the spin. You can see how either outcome could be profitable based on your bet and the payout in question since sometimes your profits are less than your bet.

Whatever the case, it's obvious that slot multipliers never hurt your bankroll—they simply help you win larger amounts (providing luck is on your side of course).

Play Online Slots at Spin Genie

As you can see multipliers in slots can come in many different forms each with its own pros and cons when it comes to gameplay. To try out some of the best multiplier slots, sign up and play today at Spin Genie.


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