Ask Genie: Do Scratchcards Guarantee Instant Win?

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Online scratchcards are now a mainstay of online casino sites and are very popular with casual and mobile players. But, do scratchcards guarantee an instant win? You’ll have to keep on reading our Ask Genie article to find out. 

Online Casino Scratchcards’ Popularity

Operators have started to feature a huge variety of games as online casino sites have developed into enormous game hubs in an effort to draw in as many players as possible.

Because both games' outcomes are entirely determined by chance, scratch cards are very popular among casino goers. After removing the card's outer layer, matching symbols or numbers is the key to winning at scratch cards. RNG, which determines all of this, maintains everything impartial. The huge range of themes makes it seem like this kind of game will become a staple at online bingo sites.

How to Play Scratchcards

At SpinGenie, there are numerous varieties and themes of scratch cards. Once you've created an account on our website, you may start by making a deposit, selecting your cards, and paying for them.

Some games only give you one chance to win, while others let you play up to five games at once. If you're using a laptop or desk to play, you can click on the various parts to "scratch" off panels and match symbols to win prizes.

You can use your finger just like you would on a paper scratchcard when playing on a mobile device. The "reveal" button is present in the majority of our games and, when clicked, instantly displays all of the symbols, accelerating play.

No matter how frequently you play, there are a tonne of themes to pick from, and the wins on online scratchcards are frequently in the form of cash. We also provide a selection of instant win slots with visuals and characters that are comparable to those found in online slots. Although the cash prizes for scratchcard instant win games vary, you can play for as little as 20p.

A Random Number Generator is used to select each card's number. This is a computer software that employs a series of intricate calculations to produce an entirely random and equitable combination.

There’s No Guaranteed Instant Wins in Scratchcards

Scratchcards are an unpredictable game. There are a few things you can do to increase your odds of winning over time and keep control of this well-liked gambling game, but there is nothing you can do to ensure a win.

First off, you could believe that buying a tonne of less expensive cards will eventually enhance your wins. That is not the situation. The prize pools for the less expensive cards are normally less, so even if you do win, the payouts will usually be less.

Given that online scratch cards are a game of chance, you may purchase only one card and win in the first online scratch card game you ever played, or you could purchase five cards per game and play for many months without ever winning. For real cards, there is a distinct hypothesis. Some people think that winning combinations are strategically placed on manufacturers' cards.

Read the odds of winning on a particular card if, like the majority of us, you prefer to ignore the fine print. Any day of the year, you should choose shorter odds over long odds. Although it might seem obvious, you'd be shocked at how frequently winners discard or misplace winning cards. Put your scratch-off winnings in a secure location until you can claim them if you can't immediately cash them in.

Sign up and Play Online Scratchcards at Spin Genie

So, while there’s no way to guarantee your wins with online scratchcards, these games are still a ton of fun to play. Sign up and play today at Spin Genie where you’ll find a whole host of great scratchcards to enjoy. 


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