Popular Online Slots Term You Should Know About

Popular Online Slots Term
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Online slots are usually the most popular area of an online casino site, but how do online slots work? From acronyms and initials such as RTP to the paylines and the paytable that are at the heart of a slot, online slot terminologies can get confusing sometimes. Join us as we take a look at the most popular online slot terms that you need to know. 

Auto Spin

You can unwind as the game plays on its own thanks to the auto-spin option. The way it operates is that you can instruct the machine to play through a specified number of spins automatically by setting the game to auto-spin. On some slots, this mechanism is not accessible. It is worth noting that this feature is no longer allowed in some countries such as the UK.


The jackpot is a slot machine's top reward. These vary widely and rely on two factors: the amount you've bet, and how difficult it is to win the jackpot. Any jackpot pays the most of any combination because it is the hardest to win.


This is a bonus feature that allows you to potentially multiply your profits by ten. Exciting. Nevertheless, just twice. Sometimes slots will have progressive multipliers, or multiplier symbols.


Slot machine wild symbols are quite helpful; they function similarly to how a joker does in most card games. Most slot machines allow you to line up a winning combination by substituting one wild symbol for any other symbol.

The only symbols that the wild symbol cannot replace are the aforementioned scatter and bonus symbols. However, in some games, wilds can also serve as scatters, giving them a dual function and increasing their excitement.


There are numerous ways that scatter symbols function. These frequently function as a Wild symbol, completing winning combinations and occasionally initiating Bonus Rounds, or they can boost the payoff for a round.

Free Spins

Free spins are a specific kind of in-game bonus feature that grants you a set amount of unrestricted spins. The best online casino bonuses available, though, frequently include them as well.

Typically, aligning the proper symbols across your paylines will result in this prize being awarded. Free spins provide you with the chance to win without putting any of your money at risk, making it a fantastic way to maximise your funds.


There is at least one payline on every slot machine. Given its complexity and number of reels, a slot machine may have 50 or more paylines. The player receives credits when specific symbol combinations appear on a payline. A player can earn more money the longer the odds are against them hitting a particular set of symbols.

Pay Table

Players can view their winnings for each possible symbol combination on the pay table. Payouts vary based on the player's stake size and how challenging the combination is to get. Before making a slot wager, always check the pay table. This can help you estimate how much money you might win.


How much of a player's cash wager gets returned to them depends on the payout percentage of the machine. Also called the ‘Return  To Player’ or ‘RTP’ online casinos have the highest payout % slots. The largest payouts fall between 95% and 100% of the original cash wager. As an illustration, a machine that offers a 97% payout percentage will return 97 cents of every dollar wagered.

Maximum Bet

Your maximum stake for that particular spin is automatically chosen by this betting option. When using this principle, you should exercise extreme caution because powerful slots can easily drain lots of cash with only one spin at the maximum wager.


One of the characteristics of slot machines that distinguishes them especially is their reels. There are 3, 5, or 7 odd-numbered reels in each slot machine. After placing their bet, a player presses the spin button, which causes the reels to spin independently of one another. The reels automatically stop, indicating whether the player has won or lost.

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