Online Slots Tips

Online Slots Tips
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Welcome to the Spin Genie blog where today we’ll be teaching you our favourite online casino tips and tricks to have you playing like a pro in no time! When you first explore the world of online slots it can be difficult to know where to start or how to play safely and efficiently, which is why we’ve created a list of 5 simple tips to play online slots, to ensure you not only play responsibly but have lots of fun too! Keep on reading to find out our casino slot tips.

Go Easy on Yourself!

While you may be excited to discover just how many amazing slots there are out there, it’s important to go easy on yourself and start simple and not jump into the deep end with a high volatility slot with a complex game mechanic. 

Another one of our online slot machine tips is to start with a simple game; either a 5x3 video slot with fixed pay lines and minimal bonus features or a classic retro fruit machine with a 3x3 format and limited pay lines. This will help you get familiar with playing online slots before you have to contend with elements such as high volatility and multiple modifiers.

Always Look at the Paytable

Next up in our list of online slot game tips; always look at the paytable. For those not in the know, the paytable of a slot machine is where you can find all the useful information you’ll need to play the slot such as the symbols used, their payout values, bonus features of the slot, and sometimes information on volatility and return to player too. Most commonly the paytable can be found by clicking on an (i) button (or something similar) or it may have its own designated button. Either way, looking at the paytable before playing a slot is one of our most vital online slot tips because it gives you all the information you need to get to grips with a slot quickly.

Pay Attention to the Bonus Rounds

Aside from themes, bonus features are what set online slots apart from one another, and different types of slot players will look for different types of bonus features in the games they want to play. Some players enjoy lots of bonus rounds, modifiers, and additional features, while other players prefer to keep things simple with a free spins bonus round. Whatever your playstyle, before picking a slot you’re going to want to find out about what bonus features it has to offer so you know how to trigger these features, and use them to your advantage when playing the slot. 

Are you Eligible for Any Bonus Offers or Promotions

This is one of our tips for online slots that even some of our seasoned players forget about. At Spin Genie we really like to spoil our players, so when you’re signed up with us you’ll want to make sure you check out our promotions page to keep up to date with the exciting events and promotions on our site. By paying attention to the promotions you can select eligible games to play in order to receive additional bonuses such as free spins or Prize Twister tickets (dependent on the active promotion of course!)

Remember to Always Play Responsibly

Probably the number one tip for playing slots online that we can give is to always play responsibly. Online slots are fun and exciting and it's easy to become drawn in by the different worlds and experiences presented by such a huge range of titles. However, at Spin Genie we always want our players to enjoy our games safely which is why we’re an advocate for responsible gaming. If you find at any time you’re getting angry or frustrated with the slot you’re playing then stop and take a breather; slots are meant to be fun after all. Don’t go chasing after losses, and always set a budget for your gaming session. Most importantly; enjoy yourself!

Have Fun With Online Slots on Spin Genie

So, now you’ve got all the best tips and tricks to play online slots, it’s time to enjoy and play! We hope you have loads of fun exploring the hundreds of titles on our site and look forward to you gaming with us! Sign up and play today at Spin Genie!


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