Most Common Online Slot Myths Debunked

Most Common Online Slot Myths Debunked
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Hello and welcome to the Spin Genie blog! Today we’re taking a closer look at the most common online slot myths and debunking them. Misconceptions and myths can often hurt peoples’ interpretation of online gaming, so let’s explore and bust some myths about online slots today. 

Slots Will Run ‘Hot’ and ‘Cold’

While online and land-based machines can go on a winning streak and continue to pay out for a long time, known as a ‘Hot Streak’, they can also become "cold streak" machines, meaning they don't pay out much; it's important to note that no permanently hot or cold machines exist. Slot machines are programmed using RNG (random number generation), this means that every slot spin has a random outcome, meaning it's impossible for set streaks to appear as part of a pattern. When there is an apparent ‘streak’ on the slot machine it's usually the result of a brief statistical deviation in the programming and is part of the RNG process.  

It’s Best to Avoid Slots that Just Had a Massive Payout

Some players have the misunderstanding that if a slot has just paid out a massive progressive jackpot, it should not be played right away because it will "tighten up." While there is some strange logic to this, the idea of personifying slot machines is, to put it mildly, absurd. Some may argue that the slot machine is attempting to compensate for the large jackpot by providing fewer regular wins in order to return to its average payout percentage. One such assertion, on the other hand, bears only a smidgeon of truth.

There is no memory in slots, roulette wheels, or dice. As a result, a slot cannot "remember" that it has just given someone a life-changing sum of money. In truth, slots are completely unaware that a jackpot has been won. The RNG in the game continues to spit out extended sequences of numbers, guaranteeing that each spin is completely unpredictable. Realistically, you could win the jackpot the next day, after someone else has already claimed it.

Online Slots Are Rigged

EveryTo ensure fair play, random number generation must be employed in software-based gaming. This technique is complex, and it uses a variety of algorithms to provide dependably unpredictable results. This means that it is impossible for an agency to rig an established online slot machine or casino game. 

Poker card deals, every roll of the dice, and the winning number on the roulette wheel are all determined by RNG software. Any intervention with this system can shift the odds in the house's favor, giving the house an unfair edge.

Casinos are obligated to have their equipment tested by independent auditors. Users may be guaranteed that every deal is honest, if not favorable, thanks to this inspection. Data is evaluated and any irregularities are investigated in the online alternative, providing us similar confidence in digital casinos.

Autoplay Reduces Your Chances of Winning

While this will no longer be the concern of most players gaming in UK regions, due to recent legislation changes, it’s important to note that the manner in which a slot machine is operated has nothing to do with its payout rate.

The payout rate of an online slot is unaffected by how you choose to spin the reels. In essence, this is a slot myth similar to that of land-based machines, in which people believe that pulling the lever has a higher probability of winning than pressing the button. The major goal of an auto-spin feature is to alleviate players of the burden of playing repeatedly when they can do so automatically. This means it aids in the acceleration of games.

Maximum Bets are the Only Way to Win Big

Most online slots have a max button that selects the maximum bets for each spin automatically, and a common misconception is that playing slots at their maximum wagering settings is a sure-fire way of winning big. However, wagering higher amounts can provide higher payouts; this is only if you’re lucky enough to land a winning combination - something which you have the same odds of doing even if you’re playing at a lower wager amount.

Play The Best Online Slots at Spin Genie

As you can see, there are a lot of misconceptions out there when it comes to online slots, but we hope we’ve cleared things up a bit with this article. Now you know what’s true and what’s false, it’s time to check out great slot machines at Spin Genie. Sign up and play today.


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