Monopoly Slingo Online Slot Review

Monopoly Slingo Online Slot Review
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Monopoly Slingo is one of the cult classics and in this article, we’ll get into the details of the game.

If you’ve never played a game of Monopoly, chances are you’ve heard of it or seen it being played. Now, even slot game enthusiasts can get a taste of Monopoly during their slot adventures in this creation of Slingo and Scientific Games. In partnership with the popular board game franchise, Monopoly, they present players with Monopoly Slingo. Come and learn more about the nicely designed, board game-themed slot game in this Monopoly Slingo slot machine review!

Monopoly Slingo Slot Overview

Players who enjoy a good game of Monopoly will enjoy the design of the Monopoly Slingo slot machine. The game features 25 properties on the 5x5 grid. There are 12 winning lines in the game and can bring almost uncapped earnings.

Symbols in the Monopoly Slingo Casino Slot

The game’s grid is randomly populated by 25 of the 26 available property cards. The 26th card is dealt as the Monopoly Slingo slot bonus property and landing on this awards the player an instant cash prize.

RTP of the Monopoly Slingo Slot UK

The Monopoly Slingo slot UK has an RTP of 95.30%, but for extra rolls, the RTP goes down slightly to 95%. As for the game’s volatility, the levels vary from medium to high. The stakes for this game can start at 0.20 to 25 per game of 7 to 8 rolls and the player can win a maximum of 300x their bet!

How To Play the Monopoly Slingo Mobile Slot


Players are given 7 to 8 rolls to land on properties and eliminate them from the Slingo grid. Once a player lands on a property, cards of the colour in the grid are marked off. Complete Slingos to move up the ladder. A free roll is awarded to the player when they roll a double. If a player is able to collect all of the properties in a set, a multiplier is applied to all the prizes on the win ladder. 

Whilst playing the game, the player can activate the Monopoly Slingo slot machine’s bonus features.

Monopoly Slingo Slot Machine Features


Monopoly Slingo Slot’s Joker

When a player lands on the JOKER, one card from each property set is randomly selected and these are then shuffled with the player, moving to the property that was selected.

Chance and Community Chest

If you land on a CHANCE or COMMUNITY CHEST, a random card from these is dealt to the player. Possible rewards from these can be: a cash prize, a Get Out of Jail Free card, or you can get moved around the board including Jail.

Pass Go

Passing Go causes cash to be added to the Free Parking square. Landing on the Free Parking collects the cash that has been accumulated from this feature.

Go to Jail

Similar to the board game, players can go to jail and stay in jail until the player can roll a double or gain a Get Out of Jail Free card throughout the game. Otherwise, the player is released after three rolls. No free rolls are added whilst the player is in Jail.

Monopoly Slingo Online Slot on Spin Genie

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