Best Times to Play Online Slots in UK

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Best Times to Play Online Slots in UK

There’s no ‘best time’ to play online slot machines, and any ‘facts’ about this are simply myths based upon hearsay. Join us as we debunk the most popular slot machine myths, and learn the times when you definitely shouldn’t be spinning those reels!

Debunking The Myths

Online Slots Pay More at Night

This is an intriguing concept that has various interpretations that are easy to debunk. Superstitious gamers believe that progressive slots are more likely to hit on weekends than on weekdays. Surprisingly, one of these statements has some reality because most recreational players are at work on weekdays. Over the weekends, larger jackpots are won simply because more people visit the casinos and play the games; and not because the slots have been programmed this way. 

Another version of this myth holds that slot machines payout more liberally at sluggish moments when there are few people on the floor (or playing on the site) Because neither the slots nor the RNG that they’re programmed with know what time of day (or week) it is or how many people are currently visiting the casino, you would have the same chances of winning even if you were the only player on the entire floor. In the case of brick and mortar casinos, it can often feel like people are winning more often when the floor isn’t busy simply because it's easier to notice when people win when there is less noise and fewer people to distract you.

Play When the Jackpot Hasn't Been Won for a Long Time

Progressive jackpot rewards build up over time, but just because a slot hasn't paid out yet doesn't mean it will in the near future. Slot machines still rely on luck and are run by random number generators. This means that the time that a jackpot is played is completely dependent upon random chance, and this myth exists because we naturally picture the odds of a payout increasing the longer the machine has gone unwon. However, there’s actually just as much statistical chance of a slot paying out back to back as there is it being won after a long time.

When Not To Play Slots

While there isn’t a specific time when you should play slots, there are definitely times when you shouldn’t be playing online, and that's when your responsible gambling practices are compromised. Here are some examples of this to be aware of:

  •  Don’t gamble when you’re not in a bad mood

Life can get a little frustrating sometimes, but you can’t turn to online slots to improve your mood. Playing when in a bad mood will ruin your online gaming experience and can lead to players making rash decisions due to their frustration. Instead, when you feel your mood is off, stay away from online slots and do something healthy to improve your mood, such as getting some fresh air. 

  •  Don’t gamble when you don’t have a clear budget set

You should always set a clear budget before playing any online casino game. Casino games are exciting and immersive and it can be easy to lose track of the pennies, especially when the excitement is ramping up. Setting a budget before playing can stop you from overspending, and ensure your gameplay sticks within the realm of harmless fun.

  • Don’t play when you’re no longer having fun

Speaking of fun, when the fun stops, stop playing. As soon as spinning the reels starts to become frustrating or like a chore, turn off the game. Slots are all about fun so if you’re not having any, there’s no point in playing!

  • Don’t chase losses

We understand, that losing really sucks, but that’s part of the slot experience. Remember you should never play online slots thinking that they’re a money-making opportunity and therefore shouldn’t chase losses when they happen. If you feel you’re on a bit of a losing streak, dust yourself off, take a break, and do something else. 

Play Online Slots at Spin Genie

The best thing about playing slot games at Spin Genie is that they can be enjoyed at any time of the day and on any device that you like. This means you can play whenever you’re in the mood, and most importantly, the right headspace to enjoy playing slots. Sign up and play today to discover more.


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