Ask Genie: Progressive Jackpots vs Multipliers

Progressive Jackpots vs Multipliers
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While progressive jackpots and win multiplier slot games can both offer players increased payout values, both types use very different mechanics. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the differences between progressive jackpot slots, and slot machines with multipliers. Keep on reading to learn more.


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What Are Progressive Jackpots Slots?

Slot machines with progressive jackpots are entertaining games with a reward pool that grows in value as the game is played more frequently. Once a player wins the progressive pot, it resets to its starting value and the cycle repeats.

Outside of winnings from tournaments, progressive jackpots are often the most significant payouts that a player may receive from an online slot machine.  Some slot machines with progressive jackpots have time constraints on when they will be won, such as daily, weekly, or monthly, while others will just keep increasing in value until the winning requirements are satisfied. Let’s take a closer look at the most common kinds of progressive jackpot slots.

Stand-Alone Progressive Slots

The term "stand-alone" is frequently used to describe the first variety of progressive slot that may be found at several online casinos. Since these slots aren't linked to any jackpot networks, the prize pool is only created by bets made on the particular games at the relevant online casino. Such slots generally have jackpot meters that display in real-time the rate at which the prize pool is growing as a result of losing wagers placed by other players on the same slot machine at the same interactive casino. Even though stand-alone progressive jackpots tend to be less in size, they can still grow to be quite sizable.

In-House Progressive Slots

Since in-house jackpots sometimes connect multiple slots that share the same prize pool, these slots have a wider area of contribution. The jackpot network, however, is limited to a single virtual casino with a single progressive prize shared by all of the slots. This indicates that the losing wagers made on the other connected slots in the casino help to raise the prize pool for these particular machines. These progressive jackpot prizes are typically larger than standalone jackpots, but they fall far short of the larger progressive jackpots with a wider network.

Wide-Area Progressive Slots

As the name implies, these slots are connected to a much bigger jackpot network than other slots found at other online casinos. As more players contribute to the prize pool when playing this sort of slot machine, the progressive jackpot grows considerably more quickly. Wide-area progressive slots frequently reach several thousands rapidly because of the incredibly huge area of contribution.

Boiling Point Progressive Jackpot Slots

Boiling Point progressive slots are less common and take a more unique approach to progressive slots that you may find at some online casinos in addition to the progressive jackpot slots based on their region of wager contributions. A new methodology is used to award the prize in the so-called "boiling point" progressive jackpot slots. Prize pools for slots with this kind of progressive prize expand to a predetermined level. When the predetermined point is reached, one lucky player wins the progressive jackpot, which thereafter continues to grow.

What Are Multipliers in Online Slot Machines?

A multiplier is a feature that many online slots have. The way that online slot multipliers function is by increasing the amount of money that a player can win by multiplying the value of their wager. For instance, if a player stakes £1 and the online slot machine activates a 2x multiplier, the player will earn £2. The player would receive £3 if the multiplier was 3x.

There are many different kinds of multipliers and not all multiplier features are created equal. Common multiplier features include base game multipliers, bonus games multipliers, scatter multipliers, wild multipliers, and win multipliers. If you’d like to learn more about the different forms of multipliers included in slot games feel free to explore our article ‘How does Online Slots Multiplier Work?’

How Does Progressive Jackpot Differ From Multipliers?

Both progressive jackpot slots and multiplier slots offer players the potential for larger prize payouts, but the amount that can be won by a progressive jackpot game trumps that of a multiplier slot. While some multiplier slots can offer generous top payouts in the tens of thousands, they aren’t going to get anywhere near the potential millions that wide-area progressive slot games can offer. 

While all casino games are down to chance, similar to winning the lottery, your odds of scooping a progressive jackpot payout are pretty slim, but for some, this potential does add to the overall excitement of playing. Multiplier slots are likely to provide players with a few multiplier wins or more per session (depending on the RTP, hit rate, and volatility of the prospective game). Where progressive pots tend to be the focus of the slot game in question, multiplier features are usually included as an additional or enhancing element of a slot game which may have additional bonus elements like free spins.

Progressive Pots or Multiplier Slots?

It’s not a question of which type of slot is better, as whether a progressive jackpot slot or a multiplier slot game appeals to you all depends on the type of player you are and the experience you’re hoping to have when playing. While progressive slots definitely offer larger payouts, because hundreds and thousands of players are all working towards the same goal of winning the big prize, the odds of being the lucky winner are very slim. Players are likely to benefit from the multipliers offered in multiplier games during a particular session though won’t achieve the payout potential of progressives.

Either way, here at Spin Genie, you can play both progressive slots and multiplier slots, so you can test for yourself which type you prefer. Sign up and play today to discover more.


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