Ask Genie: How Are Slot Machines Programmed?

Ask Genie: How Are Slot Machines Programmed?
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All slot machines are programmed with a feature called ‘RNG’ or ‘Random Number Generation’. This ensures that all outcomes the game produces are fair and do not follow a set pattern or show bias to certain outcomes. In this article, we’ll be finding out why legitimate slot machines cannot be fixed as well as how RNG works to ensure you always get fair and honest odds.

Are Casino Slot Machines Rigged?

No, online slot machines that are featured on a licensed and regulated slot machine such as Spin Genie will be rigged. This is why it’s so important to always play casino slot machines at official sites with correct and up-to-date regulations as you’re guaranteed to have a fair online slots experience. It’s not enough for online slots in the UK to be checked for fairness when they are released, instead, slots on safe sites such as ours will be regularly tested by third-party services to ensure they remain not only fun to play but 100% fair.

How Do Casino Slots Work

All online slot machines and other online casino games will rely on software known as RNG to ensure fairness. RNG stands for random number generator and is the randomization process that ensures each outcome of your slot machine spin or online blackjack hand is completely random and without pattern and therefore totally fair and based on random luck.

Of course, in order for a slot to be profitable to the casino and provide an entertaining challenge for players, all slots have a theoretical payout average known as ‘return to player’ or ‘RTP’. This is the percentage out of 100% that players can expect to receive back on their investment. The RNG used by the slot machine software will always be clearly displayed in the slot machine settings.

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