Pragmatic Live's New Auto Mega Roulette

Auto Mega Roulette New Live Game
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A sophisticated automated roulette wheel like no other casino games powers Auto Mega Roulette, an excitingly fast-paced live casino game where nothing stands in the way of the action. Through SkillOnNet, a renowned software provider, players will have access to the brand-new live roulette game Auto Mega Roulette from Pragmatic Live. Here at SpinGenie, we have exclusive access to the release of this live game show before many other sites because we are a network member.  As a result, Auto Mega Roulette will be accessible here at Spin Genie starting on July 11 rather than its global release date of July 18. Continue reading if you adore roulette and wish to play this traditional casino game in a brand-new way. 


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High-Tech Roulette Live Streamed to Your Devices

Pragmatics' new version of Live Roulette, Auto Mega Roulette, combines their earlier Mega Roulette and Live Roulette offerings. It's just you and the automatic roulette wheel in the bright, neon-lit, purpose-built studio where Auto Mega Roulette is played. Along with sleek, high-quality live gaming, Auto Mega Roulette also has "Mega Lucky Numbers," a set of five numbers chosen at random that, if the ball lands on one of them, can increase a player's profits for a straight bet by up to 500 times. 

With normal bets and straight bets, this game's overall RTP is 97.30% and 97.50%, respectively. You can play the Auto Mega Roulette game whenever and whenever the mood strikes you because it is entirely compatible with play on all platforms, including mobile phones and tablets. 

Play Pragmatic Live's Auto Mega Roulette at Spin Genie from July 11th

Remember, you can play Pragmatic Live's exciting new game Auto Mega Roulette first here at Spin Genie before sites outside on the SkillonNet Network. To play this brand-new live game as soon as it becomes available, try to visit our site, sign up, and play on July 11.


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