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Playtech Live's Mega Live Trivia Show Promo
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Are you ready? It’s Trivia Time!

Playtech has gained popularity in recent years for its trivia-themed promos, but its most recent game, Trivia Show Point System Live, is unlike anything we've ever seen at Spin Genie’s casino games. Intrigued? Well, you'd better hope that your general knowledge is up to par with a $40,000 total prize pool up for grabs!

There are three possible answers to each question, and the questions get harder as the game progresses. We have never had a trivia game like this before. Players will get points throughout the entire game, with each question having a set value.

This promotion is available every day at 18:00 GMT & 22:00 GMT, with each game lasting approximately 15 minutes, and is open to all Playtech-Allowed countries (with the exception of SE, DK, ES & DE). Even better, playing is totally free!

Over the course of the promotion, 20 games will be played, and a share of $2,000 in cash will be up for grabs in each game. The game show, which consists of a series of progressively harder three-answer multiple-choice questions, will be hosted live. Points are awarded to players who respond accurately in under 15 seconds. However, don't panic if one of the challenging questions stumps you because nobody is ever eliminated. Players that earn at least 600 points in the applicable Game will split a prize pool of $2,000.


Terms and Conditions:

Runs 20.04.23 – 29.04.23. 20 games of multiple-choice questions - players have the potential to win a share of €2,000 cash per game. Prize pool is in EUR and may be subject to conversion fluctuations.


Take Part and Join Playtech Live's Live Trivia Show at Spin Genie 

If you love a good old pub quiz or trivia game show, then Playtech Live’s Live Trivia show is certainly the promotion for you. Sign up and play today at Spin Genie to discover more!


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