How Scratch Cards Changed from Offline to Online

How Scratch Cards Changed from Offline to Online
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Nowadays we can log onto great casino sites such as Spin Genie and enjoy a huge selection of exciting scratch cards (or scratchies as they’re fondly known) with just a few clicks of their mouse or taps on their touchscreen. But how did this come to be? 

While, of course, you can still buy scratch cards from various shops, nothing quite compares to the huge selection of titles made possible by online gaming. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at how the online scratch cards you know and love came to be.

History of Scratch Cards

Compared to some classic slot games such as fruit machines, Slingo games, and table games, online scratch cards are a relatively new invention, but this doesn’t mean they haven’t become hugely popular in this short time. Compared to online slot games in the UK, online scratchcards offer players speedier gameplay with a no-fuss setup, rules, and instant prizes. Just like online casino games played for real money, online scratch cards are played with actual money and can offer real prizes, but what’s the history behind them?


Offline scratch cards first came to popularity in the 1970s (way before the advent of the internet) and were created as a form of lottery game that players could play at any time and receive an instant prize if their coin scratched off a winning combination. This was great for fans of a quick flutter as for the first time the pace of play was in their control because they didn’t need to wait for weekly or bi-weekly draws to occur. 

Over the following decades, scratch cards continued to rise in popularity and expanded the range of instant win experiences that players could enjoy. Therefore, it was only natural that when online casino games became popular in the early 2010s, that the humble scratch card should join the fray in an online format.


Online Scratch Cards

Just as online slot games have become more advanced as technology has progressed and developers have gotten more experimental, so too have online scratchcards become more advanced and varied.

Many online scratch cards emphasize their simplicity; players just need to click on the spaces to reveal the number or symbol hidden underneath. When all the symbols have been revealed any winning combinations will be highlighted and the player will instantly be credited with their prize.

Now, we’ll admit, this very simple process can become a little repetitive, which is why one of the first great advancements of online scratch cards was based around convenience. Similar to ‘autoplay’ features used in slot games, players can buy online scratch cards in bulk (often for a discounted price) and opt to have the game scratch off and play through their cards automatically.

This innovation was particularly useful when it came to the rise of mobile gaming. Most online scratch cards have now been optimized for use on all devices, allowing players to enjoy playing online scratchcards whenever and wherever they like making these cards more closely emulate the instant gratification originally experienced by those purchasing offline scratchies back in the ’70s.

Nowadays most popular developers will have a selection of online scratchcards in their portfolios. Often, developers will pick their most popular slot series or character and make a scratchcard inspired by the theme of the slot. This is great because it means that players can enjoy the themes they know and love in a far more straightforward format.

In recent years developers have experimented with adding elements to their scratch cards such as awarding free games (similar to free spins) and even having progressive jackpot prizes that can be won. It’s safe to say that over the next few years we’ll likely be seeing even more interesting takes on the online scratch card genre from developers.

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