New Year’s Resolution: Gambling Responsibly

New Year’s Resolution: Gambling Responsibly
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Happy 2022! If one of your resolutions for the new year is to gamble more responsibly, we’ve got you covered. There are simple and effective things you can do; such as setting a time limit and budget, taking breaks, and just avoiding using gambling as anything but a form of entertainment.

Gamers the world over have proven that gambling can be fun and entertaining without going through the pitfalls of the negative side of the game. Addiction, loss of sense of time, and unnecessary spending are all unhealthy factors that may arise through irresponsible gambling. But there are simple and effective ways to avoid these traps. Here, Spin Genie takes you on an educational trip to help you achieve your new year’s resolution of gambling responsibly. Check out our best tips to help ensure that your gaming session remains to be exciting and playful without the dangers.

Don’t Overextend Your Time

One of the first casualties of irresponsible gaming is time. Gambling can be exciting and through the course of your activity, it is easy to lose sense of time and not notice the many hours go by as you are engaged in your gaming session. It is important that you set reminders or prompts for you to play within a fixed time period. Setting alarms on your phone or asking a friend to remind you in an hour can be very helpful in keeping a sense of time during your gaming session. This way, you can still enjoy the game while making sure that you get to do other tasks during your day.

Play Within A Budget

One of the other things that you can lose track of during a gaming session is your budget. This is especially true when it comes to online gambling as there is no actual exchange of physical bills or coins, so it is harder to track how much you have actually spent. Virtual cash is spent at a simple tap or click of a button. It is very easy to forget how much money has passed through your hands during your session. There are ways to limit your virtual wallet and set boundaries on how much you want to spend. Doing this prevents you from overspending and you can enjoy playing and focus only on the fun side of the game.

A Bad Mood or Intoxication Makes for a Bad Gaming Session

Like in most other things, being in a foul mood or being under the influence, is a bad match for gambling. These negative conditions allow you to be in a state of mind other than how you would normally be in. This can result in poor decision-making and unhealthy mood swings. Make sure to check yourself before you go on to do any form of gambling. Gaming is exciting when you are positively engaged in the game to fully experience the story and effects of what you are playing. Being inebriated or vexed truly takes the fun out of your gaming experience.

Take Time-Off

Another helpful tip to gamble responsibly is to take frequent breaks. This helps you to clear the air and reset yourself during a long gaming session. Being locked in and solely focused on the game can be tiring and it adds unnecessary stress. This can lead to poor decision-making or an unhappy state of play. Step out of the house and take a walk. Or have a quick coffee break or snack. A break provides you with an opportunity to be refreshed. You can then go ahead to do other tasks or continue your game with a fun and positive attitude in tow.

Take A Self-Assessment Test

Self-Assessment is a vital part of your gambling journey. This is a process where you identify the factors that may lead to addiction and check if you are showing signs of them. This helps you determine if gambling is becoming an issue and you can take early steps to avoid further problems. Early detection enables you to find solutions and come out with a healthy and positive outlook moving forward. There are Self-Assessment Tests available on most officially registered gaming sites. Of course we offer the test here at Spin Genie as we want to provide a healthy gaming environment for everyone. Feel free to take the test here.

Set Player-Limitation Options

Here at SpinGenie, we have special Player LImitation Options that can help you cool-off or self-exclude when the need arises. Sometimes it is best to consciously make an effort to limit our time of play when gambling. This feature gives you a time-frame where your account will be rendered inactive. You will be unable to log-in or access the games on the site. You will not receive any advertising or marketing material. And you will also be unable to make deposits. This way, we can be active partners in helping you prevent unnecessary gaming during this time. You can reset, enjoy doing other productive things and come back to the game when you are positive and ready.

Get Help with Our Responsible Gaming Tools

At SpinGenie, we value our customers and wish to ensure that they have a safe and healthy gaming experience. Because of this, we have employed safeguards that permit us to be clear and transparent when it comes to protecting our players from irresponsible gaming. There are tools such as GamStop, which allows you to be registered and prevents you from gaming or receiving ads, Cool-Off and Self-Exclusion that turns your account inactive, a Game Status Reminder that prompts you about the length of your gaming session, and Deposit Limits and Gambling Blocks on Debit Cards that restrict your payment options. This way we can be a helpful partner to allow you to gamble responsibly.

Always Play Responsibly at Spin Genie

Gamble responsibly with us at Spin Genie. We value the experience our customers have and we are your partners to ensure that you maintain a healthy gaming attitude. Responsible gambling is at the core of our motivations to make sure that you continue to have a fun and positive experience each time you play on SpinGenie.


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