Ask Genie: How to Gamble Responsibly?

Ask Genie: How to Gamble Responsibly?
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Genie Answers:

From setting budgets, to planning time limits, and only playing when in the right headspace; our gambling guide shows lots of ways that you can become a more responsible gamer, and can keep the emphasis of your gambling experience on fun and safety. 

Gaming responsibly is a phrase often heard when playing online, but what is responsible gambling, exactly, and how can you make sure you’re staying safe? In this article, we’ve created a responsible gaming guide that outlines how you can make sure you're playing for fun and not irresponsibly. 

Remember: Gambling is a form of Entertainment NOT a Job

Responsible gaming is about realizing that gambling is a form of entertainment, and not a job, or ‘get-rich quick’ scheme. Yes, sometimes you may land a larger win which is a nice treat, but larger wins from online games are not consistent and cannot be used as a viable form of income.

Online gambling should always be fun and the saying goes, that when the fun stops, stop. If you’re finding playing online casino games more of a chore or habit, then you’re likely not gambling responsibly, and need to take a step back to reevaluate things. 

Set A Budget

One of the number one responsible gaming rules is to always set a budget before you start to play. We’re not just talking about a budget per session here either, but an overall budget for the month. Remember, online gaming is a fun hobby just like sport or arts and crafts. You wouldn’t dip into money needed for utilities in order to buy new paintbrushes, and the same logic applies to gambling. 

Once you have your overall budget for the month, you could then break this down into how much you’d like to spend per gaming session. Many modern slot games include autoplay features with expenditure limits, which can make sticking to a budget more simple. You can also easily keep track of your expenditure by going into your Spin Genie account settings and clicking on the ‘balance’ page.

Take Breaks

Online gambling shouldn’t be the be-all and end all of your downtime. If you’re looking at the clock at work, counting down the minutes until you can get home and play, then you need to reassess your priorities and recognize that gambling may have more of a hold on you than you realize. 

When settling in to play your favorite games, set a time limit for how long you’d like to play for. If you’re one of those people who can easily lose track of time, then set an alarm or reminder on your phone to make sure you’re gaming responsibly. 

Never Chase Losses

Being on a losing streak can be very frustrating, and is one of the negative effects of gambling, but it's essential not to throw good money after bad, as the saying goes. While after a loss you might feel like you need to win back the money, it's important to step back and take a moment. The odds of you winning back your money isn’t guaranteed and you’re likely to just head down a path of frustration and further losses.

Don’t Play When Intoxicated or Not in the Right Mood

As you’re spending real money, playing online casino games should always be a decision made with a clear head. Therefore, never play online casino games when intoxicated, as you won’t be able to make the same sound decisions you would when sober. This can lead to overspending and poor game choices. The same can be said when playing when aggravated or in a bad, low, or negative mood. How you’re feeling can really impact the way in which you play and can lead to careless decision-making. 

Gamble Responsibly at Spin Genie

At Spin Genie we’re passionate about ensuring that our players always follow safe gambling outlines, which is why we have resources (such as this guide) easily accessible to our players and are champions of great support services and initiatives such as ‘Be Gamble Aware’, and the ‘National Gambling Helpline’. To access this information simply scroll to the bottom of any of our web pages.


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