Ask Genie: What Makes Fruit Slots so Popular?

Ask Genie: What Makes Fruit Slots so Popular?
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Genie Answers:

Fruit machines are a staple of the online slot machine genre. Fruit slots are fun, bright, colorful, simple and not to mention has a rich history.

There’s so many reasons why our players love fruit machines. But what makes fruit machines so popular? Keep on reading to find out more. 

Why Fruit Slots are Highly Popular Among Players

Fruit Machines have a Rich and Exciting History

Fruit slot machines have a long and exciting history, and were the first examples of slot machines to be created; put simply, without fruit slot games we wouldn’t have any of the online slots we play today. 

The first slot machines were created back in 1887, but it wasn’t until 1895 that the first brilliant fruit slot was created. The Liberty Bell slot machine; now heralded as the fruit slots classic and often referred to as a ‘one-armed bandit’ was created by Charles Fey. 

It was the ‘Trade Stimulator’ slot machine, however, that was the first to feature fruit symbols. Awarding winning players with fruit flavoured gum instead of money, it was the combination of these two machines that formed the fruit machine slot games that we know and love today.

When you play modern casino fruit slots you get to experience a little piece of this history, and many new slots will feature nostalgic elements designed to harken back to the early days of fruit game slot machines. 

Fruit Slots are Simple to Play

Fruit slot machine games are inherently simple and easy to play because the classic format has just three reels and one payline. This means that when you play online fruit slots the emphasis is always on the simple joy and excitement of spinning the reels and hoping for a matching combination instead of all the modifiers and bonus features that modern video slots can have. 

The simplicity of fruit machines also means that all fruit slots machine games can be enjoyed by almost all players; whether new or seasoned because they’re incredibly straightforward and beginner friendly. 

Fruit Slot Games are Bright and Colorful

As early fruit game slots were designed as advertising items to promote brands such as gum, they were intentionally created using bright colors to stand out to and draw in players to give the game a try. This bright color scheme carries over to modern fruit slots online which is great if you’re a player looking for a cheerful and fun slot experience.

Casino Fruit Slots are Fun and Exciting to Play!

While the humble fruit machine may not have all the trimmings and fixings of online video slots there’s something undeniably fun about playing fruit slots online. The bright colors and nostalgic design always puts a smile on our face, and the anticipation of waiting for the reels to stop with each spin is a simple charm which has people returning to this classic slots formula. 

Fruit Machine Slot Games Come in Many Different Forms

One of the beauties of modern fruit slot machines online is that many developers have experimented and added to their basic formula to create new and exciting slot concepts designed to appeal to a variety of players. At Spin Genie we have a whole host of exciting and unique fruit machine slots online which you can read more about in our other blog post. Some of our favourite titles include Fruit vs. Candy, Fruit Mania, and Laser Fruit. 

Play Great Fruit Slot Machine Games on Spin Genie

If you’re a fruit machine fan or are looking to try this excellent slot genre for yourself then visit Spin Genie today for the best selection of fruit machine slot games as well as video slots, table games, and more.  


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