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Slot machines that offer a daily chance to win a progressive jackpot are known as daily jackpot games. Also known as ‘must drop’ jackpots, this means that the jackpot on offer has to be paid out by a certain time every day.

Slot machines with daily jackpots don't tend to have the same potential for a game-changing win as those with progressive jackpots due to the fact that the jackpot must be claimed daily. However, pretty impressive prizes can still be won from daily jackpot slots, and they definitely ramp up the excitement factor and buzz around slot machines.

How Do Daily Jackpots Work?

The Must Drop and Daily Drop progressive jackpots function exactly like other progressive jackpots. Every wager made on a Must Drop or Daily Drop jackpot slot at an online casino that offers them contributes a small portion of the wager to the jackpot reward pool.

Up until it is won, the jackpot prize grows as more bets are placed. The jackpot resets and the procedure begins again when it has been won, this can happen at any time during the day’s period 

While some sites attest to the need to spend big in order to increase your odds, the fact of the matter is, that a daily jackpot game can be won on a single spin with a minimal wager; it's all down to chance.

The second requirement is to be fortunate and land the jackpot-winning spin. If you do, you will win the entire award! No matter how many lines or how long you play, you can only win the daily jackpot on individual spins. Lastly, keep in mind that bonus games and free spins do not contribute to the daily jackpot. 

Jackpot Slots VS. Daily Jackpot Slots

So, how do daily jackpot slots differ from standard progressive jackpot slots? Well, with progressives there’s no set time limit for the prize to be won, the jackpot grows slightly with each game played, up until a lucky player generates a winning spin. Then it resets to its initial value and resumes growing.

Typically, progressive jackpot machines are connected to one another. As a result, the jackpot increases every time someone plays a slot machine. Any player who hits the jackpot on a progressive slot, regardless of where they are in the world, will receive the full payout. Progressives come in a wide range of sizes. They can begin with awards worth only a few hundred dollars or they can increase to prizes worth millions of dollars.

Daily jackpots, as we’ve learned, must be won within the day's period. This means that in general prizes are lower because of the short time that the pot accumulates. There is the positive of the frequency of the win, however, so it all depends on what you’re looking for. 

Another big difference between these two types of jackpot slots is that where progressives are global and interconnected, daily jackpot slots are hosted locally, meaning that each casino site will offer a separate daily jackpot game for their players, with the pot only increasing when players on their site partake in the game.

Sign Up and Play Daily Jackpot Slots at SpinGenie.

Whether you love classic progressives or daily jackpot slots, the fact remains the same, if you’re lucky enough you may win a nice payout. Daily jackpot slots are great for the casual player, because they reset each day, meaning that players don’t feel as though they’re missing out if they only play every now and then. 

At Spin Genie you’ll find a huge range of epic daily jackpot slots such as Rainbow Jackpots, Mystery Reels, Dragon’s Luck, Jack in a Pot, and Dynamite Riches, as well as many more. Sign up and play today to get involved in the next daily jackpot drop.


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