Ask Genie: How to Play Casino Games?

Ask Genie: How to Play Casino Games?
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Genie Answers:

Casino games can be daunting for newcomers, whether you want to try the latest online slots or classics like blackjack or poker. No matter what you choose to play, there are various rules and steps to keep in mind. 

Here’s the most important rule: always play responsibly, and remember that casino games are purely for entertainment. 

But what else do players need to know to get started? We’ll explore all the essentials below. 

What You Need to Know Before You Play

Keep these factors in mind when you start playing online casino games:

Remember Casino Games are Entertainment 

Casino games are designed to be entertaining. Choose games that appeal to you for more than just the winning potential. 

Play to experience the excitement and suspense. Enjoy the visuals and the sound effects. Explore the bonus features. 

Budget, Budget, Budget

Always set a budget before you play a game. Think about what you can realistically afford to lose from your personal disposable money — not funds allocated for rent, food, or family activities. Stick to your budget rigorously.

Take Regular Breaks from the Screen

Stop playing casino games for at least 10 minutes each hour, just as you would when playing video games. Give your eyes a break from the screen, and focus your attention elsewhere (e.g. a household chore).

Take Advantage of Our Player-Friendly Tools

Spin Genie provides a range of tools to help you play responsibly. 

Basic Rules on How to Play Casino Games

Now that we’ve covered key details on how to play responsibly, let’s take a quick look at how to play three of the most popular game types:

Online Slots 

Online slots are simple for even the most inexperienced players. Their core mechanics are generally the same as those in traditional slot machines, but you’ll find a host of additional features that deliver a more dynamic playing experience. 

With the vast majority of online slots, gameplay follows this process:

  • Set your stake/bet per line via the control panel.
  • View the rules and paytable information to understand how the game works. Each online slot has a specific number of paylines: match multiple symbols on one or more to win.
  • Tap the Spin button to spin the reels and try to create a winning combination (usually 3 to 5 symbols). Most games have 5 reels and 3 rows.
  • Optional: Use the Autoplay feature to automate spins and let the game play itself.
  • If a game includes bonus features (such as a free spins round), you may be able to trigger these by landing a specific combination of symbols. Some bonus features will trigger randomly too.
  • Wild symbols typically substitute for all or most other symbols in a game to help create winning combinations. They may also trigger, and play a part in, bonus features.
  • Scatter symbols can trigger a bonus feature no matter where they land on the reels, and may award a payout. Scatters can play a part in bonus features too.


Blackjack (AKA Twenty-One) is a simple casino game: the aim is to get the cards in your hand to add up to 21, or as close to it as possible, without going over that number. You’ll try to beat a dealer. 

Ace cards may be worth 1 or 11 (usually decided before gameplay), and face cards are worth 10. All other card values match their respective numbers (e.g. 5 of clubs). 

A dealer begins by dealing one face-up card to all players in a clockwise direction, before dealing their own. Next, the dealer gives each player a second face-up card, but deals their own second card with its face down. 

Players will try to predict whether the dealer’s hand will be closer to 21 than their own. They can keep their two-card hand (“stand”) or get another card (“hit”). When all players have decided, the dealer will reveal their card — and the winner. 


Roulette is a casino classic. There are two types: European and American. The setup and rules differ slightly:

  • A European roulette wheel has 37 numbered slots (18 red, 18 black, 1 green zero). 
  • An American wheel has an extra slot, a double zero, for 38 slots altogether. 

The dealer will spin a ball around the wheel’s edge, and it will eventually land in one of the empty slots. Players will wager on the result beforehand. Losing bets are removed from the table, and the dealer spins the wheel again. 

Always Play Responsibly at Spin Genie

If you feel inspired to try any of these or other casino games, you can choose from more than 1,500 here at Spin Genie. Sign up and play responsibly today!


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