Ask Genie: How Do Slot Machines Work?

Ask Genie: How Do Slot Machines Work?
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Online slots are designed to closely emulate the experience of playing in a traditional brick-and-mortar casino (just from the comfort of your own home)! The advancements in-game technology mean that developers now have limitless options in regards to the experiences they can provide their players with. However, while the rules and themes of online slot machines may vary widely, there are some core aspects that must always remain the same; such as those that regulate fair play.

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at how online slot games work, and the steps that all developers, and in turn, online casino providers must take to make sure that the games they offer are not rigged and are fun and fair for all.

Slot Machines Mechanics and Technology

Don’t worry, we’re not getting into the nitty-gritty of games development here, but as a player of online slots, it's always useful to have a little understanding of how your favorite games work, and how you can make sure that the title you’re enjoying has been designed with fair play in mind.

So, how do online slots guarantee a fair experience for their players? The answer is simple; RNG. RNG, or ‘random number generation, is a form of computer programming technology that ensures that the outcome of a game, such as online slot machines, is always totally randomized to ensure fairness. This means that all slots online will not have any form of play pattern or ‘set spins’. 

The payout rate of a slot game will reflect its RTP, or ‘return to player’. This is a percentage value given to slot machines which indicates how much of their total wager (100%) players can expect to receive back. The difference between the theoretical RTP and 100% is known as the ‘house edge’ which is the statistical advantage that the online casino will have over the player.

Are online slots rigged?

Nope! All online slot machine games must be tested to ensure they operate fairly. Most top online casinos, such as Spin Genie will have all slot games tested by a third party to ensure that they are completely fair and are not rigged in any way; be sure to stick clear of websites that do not third party test their games or lack regulation from a recognized authority. 

Speaking of recognized authorities, all developers of slots online and their providers should be under the jurisdiction of one of the top gaming authorities such as the UK, Malta, or Gibraltar to ensure that they are 100% fair.

Online slots are closely monitored and regulated to ensure they offer players a fair play experience. Fairness is ingrained into the very coding of online slots as all slot machines will contain a program called ‘RNG’ which ensures the outcomes of each spin are always random.

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