Ask Genie: Are Online Slots Really Random?

Ask Genie: Are Online Slots Really Random?

Online slots found on officially registered sites are always, and 100% random. Online slot games use RNGs or ‘Random Number Generators’ which are computer programs that produce absolutely random results. Every spin is guaranteed an unfixed result, so any outcome is possible.

This also means that online slots can not be rigged or tampered with by external sources. A registered site only houses slots that make use of Random Number Generators. These computer programs are responsible for generating variable results for every spin ensuring a random outcome each time.

These Random Number Generators operate independently of the game state. They do not take the betting amount, the current multiplier, or any game condition in consideration when creating outputs. Numbers or symbols generated are always random.

Are Online Slots Rigged?

An officially licensed slot machine game is never rigged. The program keeps no track or history of previous spins, level of play, or current prize amount. The numbers or the symbols generated by the machine are independent and therefore cannot be tampered with.

Random Number Generators in Slots

A slot game makes use of a Random Number Generator to produce variable results in every spin. In most cases, these are symbols that will be randomly generated to land on the reels. Now these RNGs do not keep track of any pre-existing condition to influence the numbers or symbols generated. Given this, the same number or symbol can appear several times or very rarely. There is no tracking involved so the RNG will create results based on the mechanics of the game fairly and with absolute variability.

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