Star Trek: Red Alert

Star Trek: Red Alert

Welcome to the first episode in a three-part Star Trek slot extravaganza! Play Red Alert to start collecting medals and bring home riches from the stars…


Going boldly where no slot has gone before is Star Trek: Red Alert, the first in a series of 3 slot games taking the player on an unmissable journey to an unmistakeably sci-fi world. Collect enough medals in this slot and you’ll unlock the next episode for even more features and fun. In the meantime, enjoy the out-of-this-world bonus features available in this one!

How To Play

Stepping on board the Star Trek enterprise couldn’t be easier, thanks to a super bold control panel and TWO styles of play to choose from. In the bottom left of the panel are two buttons: C and QB. C stands for the Classic style of play, which allows you set your bet level for each individual game; QB stands for QuickBet, which offers a faster way of playing with a fixed bet amount for each game.

If playing in Classic mode, all 25 paylines will be active and you simply need to use the -/+ buttons on the BET/LINE meter to set your bet before hitting SPIN or AUTOPLAY to get the game going. If you QuickBet, all 25 paylines will again be active, but this time you’ll need to slide the onscreen slider to fix your bet amount or use the MIN/MAX buttons on either end of the scale, then again hit SPIN or AUTOPLAY to launch the game to life.


Star Trek Episodes & Medals

This Star Trek slot series is made up of three slots – Red Alert, Explore New Worlds and The Trouble with Tribbles – each coming with its own unique bonus rounds and TV footage. To unlock Explore New Worlds, you’ll need to collect a set number of medals in Red Alert; to unlock The Trouble with Tribbles, you’ll have to collect a set number of medals in the Explore New Worlds episode.  But how do you collect medals? By triggering bonus features! One medal is won each time a bonus round is triggered – and you may be able to collect even more during the bonus too.

Red Alert Bonus

The Red Alert Bonus is about as close to Star Trek as you can get, featuring authentic voiceovers and real film footage to make you feel like you’re really on board the USS Enterprise with the crew! It’s also a pretty hands-off bonus feature, so you can sit back and watch the reels work their magic.

To trigger the bonus, you’ll need 3+ Feature symbols landing on the reels. The first thing that’ll happen when you trigger the bonus is that you’ll collect 1 medal, which will help you to unlock future episodes in the Star Trek series! You’re then given an unlimited number of free spins, so long as you keep winning, and 5 ‘shields’ which act as your safety blanket, keeping the free spins going as long as you have shields remaining.

Each non-winning spin causes you to lose a shield, but if you land 3 ‘Shield 100%’ symbols on the reels during the bonus, your shields will be topped back up to 5! Meanwhile, each winning spin during the bonus will blast away and award you one of the multipliers displayed above the reels, which can be anything from 2x – 15x.

When you’ve lost all your shields, you’ll be prompted to select Channel A or Channel B – which can either grant ‘No Extra Spin’ and end the feature or grant you the power to ‘Spin ‘til you Win’, keeping the reels going until you’ve hit an extra win! All-in-all this is a totally epic bonus feature – so strap in and prepare for lift-off!

Win Warp Feature

Star Trek: Red Alert’s other bonus round, the Win Warp Feature, can trigger at random after any winning spin that doesn’t trigger the Red Alert Bonus. There are 4 ways in which this bonus can manifest itself:

  • Rock Creature Wild: the Rock Creature appears and leaves behind a 3x-10x Multiplying Wild in a random position on the reels
  • Scotty’s Wild Reel: Scotty appears and fills 1 or 2 reels entirely with Scotty Wilds
  • Spock Multiplier: Spock appears and multiplies your win by 3x-10x
  • Enterprise Fly-by: after the Enterprise flies by, the symbols in your winning combo change into Kirk, Spck, McCoy, Wild, Feature or Insignia


Return To Player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 96.00% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £96.00.

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