KGB Bears

KGB Bears

Always fancied yourself as something of a double agent? Then this humorous espionage-themed slot machine at Spin Genie is going to be right up your dark alley! There’s only one way to find out if you’ve got what it takes…


Play across 5 reels and up to 50 surreptitious paylines in this hilarious slot machine, in which the infamous 1980s Russian KGB Cold War spies have been turned into bears! You’ll get to know each of this game’s 4 spies (and their unique gadgets) very well indeed as you help them with their clandestine operation and try to escape undetected with huge slot wins.

How To Play

Playing the part of spymaster is easier than you think – just make sure your flaps, seals and pocket litter are all in place before you begin! Choose how many of the 50 paylines you want in play using the LINES meter, place your bets using the BET PER LINE meter, then click the central SPIN button to start the operation. Use AUTO SPIN if you’re confident you won’t get your cover blown!


To the left of your screen in this slot is a Free Spins and Multiplier meter, which will tot up as you play. Then, if you land 3+ Camera scatter symbols on the reels, you’ll get an instant win and trigger as many free spins as you’ve clocked up on your meter, which play out with the multiplier you’ve also reached. The best bit is that you can retrigger the Free Spins bonus to get your freebies all over again!


Each of the 4 characters in KGB Bears has its own special gadget. Lavrentiy is the leader of the mission, inconspicuous in his trench coat and trilby hat, carrying a brief case which turns into a jet pack; Vitalli is the strong one, in charge of the flying getaway car; Tamara, the femme fatale of the foursome, wields a glider concealed as a lipstick; and finally Kovalyov is the computer geek, essential to any covert operation, and way ahead of his time with his hi-tech mobile phone disguised as an umbrella!

Return To Player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 96.01% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £96.01.

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