Jackpot Joyride

Jackpot Joyride

Time to dress like a superhero and head for sky-reaching wins in the Jackpot Joyride slot game at Spin Genie! Get to know the notorious Captain Jackpot as he’s the key to bringing you awesome wins in this unique arcade style slot. You could even win the progressive jackpot, so play today!


This is a slot game with a twist, perfect for fans of superheroes! Captain Jackpot’s role in this game is to defend his citizens from flying pieces of fruity, UFOs and bombs. You’ll need to hit combinations of fruit to win – match cherries, plums, pears, watermelons, oranges, apples, strawberries, bananas, lemons and loads of other juicy treats. However, you’ll also have to avoid hitting webs, radioactive logos, Kryptonite, UFOs, airplanes, bombs and underpants – because they won’t give you anything!

How To Play

You’ll be flying high with the superheroes in no time on this slot machine. You’re given 5 squares to fill, and unlike other slot games, you’ll then watch Captain Jackpot soar through the sky hitting objects. Whatever he hits will fill the squares on your reel. If you get 3 or 4 matching pieces of fruit, you’ll win a prize!

All you have to do before playing is set the size of your stake using the (+) and (-) buttons underneath the TOTAL BET option. You can bet anything from 2p all the way up to £100 per spin! Start the game by hitting FLY or, if you’d prefer to sit back and watch Captain Jackpot work his magic from afar, use the AUTO PLAY option and watch the wins roll in.

Free Spins Bonus

The Free Spin Bonus is super simple in this game. Get a Heart symbol to fill the last square on your reel and you’ll receive 1 Free Spin which will play automatically. Enjoy!

Mega Spin Bonus

If Captain Jackpot is kind enough to hit a Diamond on the last square of your reel, the Mega Spin Bonus will be triggered. Tap the gemstone repeatedly to break it and win an instant cash prize! This is a guaranteed bonus, even if you didn’t have a successful round otherwise.

Progressive Jackpot

Hit the Jackpot Joyride progressive jackpot prize by filling all 5 squares with the JACKPOT symbols. Once you manage that the colossal cash prize will be yours. All bets are eligible to win the jackpot – no minimum bet amount or number of lines are required. 0.2% of each wager placed contributes to the jackpot.

Return To Player

Jackpot Mechanics

- 0.2% of every stake is added to the progressive jackpot.
- The original seed value is £4,172.99

This game has a theoretical RTP of 97.23%. Malfunction voids all pays and play.

Please note, bonus cash cannot be wagered on this game.

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