Greedy Goblinz

Greedy Goblinz

Join the Greedy Goblinz for a totally unique gaming experience at Spin Genie!


It’s a good job these mischievous Goblinz have got such a healthy appetite – as they’re about to gobble up loads wins for YOU to take home! Though this doesn’t act like a traditional slot game, it’s still super easy to get down with these Greedy Goblinz – you just need to keep the rules in mind...

How To Play

This game gives you a 6x6 grid filled with 36 Goblinz and the aim is to have as many Goblinz eating each other as possible to award WINS! You’ll find 3 types of Goblin – 1-eyed (small), 2-eyed (medium) and 3-eyed (large) – and the rules of which Goblin can eat which are as follows:

  • 3-eyed Goblinz can eat 2-eyed Goblinz
  • 2-eyed Goblinz can eat 1-eyed Goblinz
  • 1-eyed Goblinz can’t eat any other Goblinz

With the rules in mind, get started by placing your bets! Once you’ve bet anything from 5p-£100, hit START to get the Goblinz fall from the top and fill the grid. Then, beginning at the top of each column and moving down, each Goblin ‘checks’ the one above it; if it can eat the one above (according to the rules above) it will do so. Eating 1 Goblin causes the eater to become bloated; eating more than 1 Goblin causes the eater to POP and award a win!

This process keeps going until no more Goblinz can be eaten and no more wins can found. As the Goblinz eat their way through the grid, you could even get multiple wins with in single drop, all the way up to 6 WINS! Also, look out for the additional bonus prizes of Silver Coins, Gold Coins and Diamonds which can also fall into play; any Goblin can eat these and award a win.

Big Boss Bonus

The Big Boss Bonus feature can trigger at random during the main game. The Big Boss (a massive 4-eyed goblin) will explode up from the bottom of the screen, smashing all the other Goblinz aside, taking up 4x3 of your 6x6 grid. You’ll see him make a big roar and proceed to gobble up all the other Goblinz left on the grid. You’ll then be prompted to tap the Big Boss until he lets out a burp and awards a bonus of between x15 and x100 your stake!

Blight Outbreak

If you spot one of the Goblinz looking a little under the weather or covered in pox, beware because the Blight Outbreak has arrived! The blight will spread out from the poorly Goblin, infecting each vertically or horizontally adjacent Goblin in turn until all the Goblinz are plagued with the disease. You’ll then be prompted to ‘Tap the Blighter’ – the original poorly Goblin – until he bursts and begins a chain reaction, bursting all of the other Goblinz too, until there are none left. At this the words SPLAT ATTACK will appear on the screen and you’ll be awarded anything from x15 to x100 your stake!

Puzzle Mode

The Puzzle Mode can also be triggered randomly when the Goblinz drop down. Your aim in this mode is to clear the board of Goblinz. You must select 3 extraneous Goblinz to remove, thereby leaving all those remaining to either be eaten or eat until they burst.

Tap to select 3 Goblinz. If you change your mind, you can tap again to deselect. If you click a 4th Goblin, the 3rd you picked will automatically be deselected. Once you’ve settled on your 3, hit READY! A claw-like device will descend and remove your chosen Goblinz and then the remaining Goblinz will begin eating each other. If there are any Goblinz left at the end of this – you lose! If all the Goblinz are eaten, you’ll be awarded a bonus of x15 to x100 your stake.


All bets are eligible to win the progressive jackpot, no minimum bet amount or number of lines are required. 1% of each wager placed contributes to the jackpot.

You'll trigger the Jackpot when 6 goblinz drop down instead of the normal amount - they'll let you know by waving their little 'jackpot' signs, then explode one by one as you discover what the full jackpot win totals.

Internet communication delays are variable and beyond the knowledge or control of the Operator. Server-to-client delays will vary from player to player and from message to message. Internet clients can wait minutes for communications. Jackpot wins are determined on the server and the winner can be determined and demonstrated even where jackpots are won at what appears to be the same time. If a game or jackpot is terminated the existing jackpot amount will be distributed to a different game or games.

Return To Player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 94.96% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £94.96.

Please note, bonus cash cannot be wagered on this game.

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