Black Widow

Black Widow

If you're looking for a slot game that's different from the rest then you may want to give Black Widow a try!


Black Widow is an absolutely fantastic game to play around on; it features an interesting theme of women who kill wealthy men for their vast fortunes. Everything about this game is based around stereotypical murder mysteries; the reels are set within an ornate painting frame that could very well be hung within the mansion that murders are taking place.

Also appearing in the reels are the various victims and murder implements like poison, candle sticks, knives and lead pipes which stand in as symbols on the reels. If you enjoyed this magnificently murderous slot game then why not check out a similar title like Cluedo .

How To Play

As far as gameplay is concerned the controls for Black Widow are incredibly easy to get to grips with. Players can alter the amount they're willing to spend and the number of lines being played across by using the (-) and (+) buttons to increase or decrease this amount. These options combined with the 5 reels and permanent 40 paylines gives you an overall wagering range of £40 to £4,000. You can also choose to spin the reels manually or automatically by using the `Auto Play' function.

Free Spins

You have to land 3 or more of the Vial of Poison Scatter symbols on the reels to trigger the `Free Spin' bonus. Once it's unlocked you'll be given 7 free spins. A great feature of this round is that it can be triggered by landing another 3 of the V Scatter symbols again. You can do this 98 times, so you've got chance of a massive payout!

Web Capture

This bonus uses a multiplier meter for each of the three male characters in the game. The more males you land in your combinations, the higher their respective meter gets and the larger your multiplier prize will be. You can have 13 increases for each meter, with a 1000x multiplier being the maximum you can claim on any meter at one time.

To claim one of your meters you have to land one of the male characters that matches that meter on the centre position of the third reel. Also, if you land the female Black Widow herself on the centre position of the third reel you'll win the collective worth of all three meters. But it doesn't end there, because rather than empty out; the meters will also increase in value.

Super Stack

Although not strictly a bonus round, the game features a unique `Super Stack' bonus ability. How this extra little feature works is that at the start of each spin, a specific symbol will be chosen to appear as a series of stacks on the reels, which then gives you the chance to win larger payouts!

Return To Player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 91.99-93.49% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £91.99-93.49.

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