Magic Mine

Magic Mine

Spin Genie is proud to present Magic Mine – the exciting new match 3 style skill game from Slingo Originals which is the first of its kind! You must use your skills to create matching combinations of diamonds to blast them from your 8x8 grid – and bag some glowing wins! Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work we go…


Indeed, it is your mission to grab as many diamonds as possible, which you can do with the help of some special pieces. Scour your game grid for them, because they’re not to be missed!

How To Play

First thing’s first: you need to get three or more consecutive matching diamonds to remove them from your grid and create a win. You can do this primarily by swapping diamonds with neighbouring symbols, but you could also get your hands on some of the special pieces, which will remove the diamonds from your reels in their own unique way. Once the gems have been removed from your reels, their empty spaces are filled by the crystals that are above them, and the game sparkles on. You’ll get 7 attempts to nab as many matching combinations as possible – so go for it!

Special Pieces

If you thought this game was glittery enough already, wait until you hear about these beauties! Special Pieces are created during the game and can remove multiple diamonds from your grid at once, like so:

  • Stripe Piece: created during the game when four crystals are matched in a row horizontally or vertically. It can then remove a whole row/column of diamonds when its used in your game
  • Blast Piece: created by an L or T-shaped match and can remove 9 symbols surrounding it when used in the game
  • Chest Piece: created when 5 gems match in a straight line, and is held back until the end of the game. It can award the progressive jackpot, so keep your fingers crossed that the Chest Piece makes a glowing appearance in your game!

Return To Player

5% of every stake is added to the progressive jackpot (3.5% to the main pot and 1.5% to the reserve)

The Jackpot is randomly triggered (via a chest) with a frequency of 1 in 150,000 - The original seed value is £2,500.

Following the stated strategy this game returns a theoretical RTP of 56.79%. This strategy can be beaten and with optimal play a higher RTP can be achieved.

In promotional free games and games where bonus funds are used, the progressive jackpot is disabled. No contributions are made to the progressive jackpot and it cannot be won. The RTP on these games is 51.79% when following the published strategy.

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