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Monopoly Slingo

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Monopoly Slingo Description

If you love Monopoly and you love Slingo, then the Monopoly Slingo game is made for you! This game perfectly fuses the best bits of Monopoly and bingo hybrid. . It’s safe to say that with this game, the Monopoly mechanic shines through with elements of Slingo to enhance the fun So if you’re a die-hard Slingo purist, this may not be for you. If you’re looking for tons of fun and a dash of nostalgia, however, then you’re sure to love this game!

How to Play Monopoly Slingo

To begin your Monopoly Slingo adventure you’ll first need to pick the profile you’d like to play. This gives you some control over the volatility of the game because one profile gives you 8 spins while the other will give you only 7. When you’ve selected your profile you’ll need to pick your stake, when you're satisfied with this just hit the ‘spin’ button to make your first roll.

Monopoly Slingo plays a lot like the classic board game but with some Slingo elements: players move around the board by rolling the dice, and each space they land on will be marked off the game grid along with all properties in the same color group. When you pass through, a cash prize will be added to ‘free parking’ space which can be redeemed when players land on it. There’s also the Chance and Community Chest cards which can reward or punish you depending on your luck. At the end of the main game players can also purchase extra spins to help them complete more Slingos.

A fusion of Monopoly and Slingo symbols are used in the Monopoly Slingo game . There’s the Joker who can help you make matches, but there’s also the features of the Monopoly board like the property spaces, jail, and free parking.

Monopoly Slingo Free Spins?

Monopoly Slingo free spins take the place of extra rolls. Players can win extra rolls by landing doubles or can purchase extra rolls at the end of the main game. Not to worry if you prefer more classic free spin bonuses as here at SpinGenie we give our players 108 free spins when they make a deposit with us.

Extra Rolls

The profile you choose at the start of the game will decide the amount of extra rolls you’re able to purchase.

More Monopoly Slingo Features

Mr Monopoly

The Mr. Monopoly character is the in-game helper. Clicking him will show the help menu where you can find useful information like the game rules and paytable.

Slingo Grid

Most of the Monopoly Slingo game screen comprises of the Slingo game grid. On it, you’ll see 25 spaces which will be filled with property cards. The 26th property space will become the bonus space and will give you an instant cash prize.

Monopoly Slingo FAQ

What is the volatility of the Monopoly Slingo game?

The Monopoly Slingo game is played at medium volatility.

Can I play Monopoly Slingo for free?

Yes! Monopoly Slingo free play is just as fun as the standard Monopoly Slingo, you just don’t need to wager real money.

How does the Joker work in Monopoly Slingo?

In the Monopoly Slingo online game, the Joker is able to shuffle the property cards then pick one at random. The property card chosen will be marked off from your game grid and you’ll proceed to that space.

How do you earn slingo Monopoly Free Spins?

Free spins are earned by rolling doubles! However, if you manage to escape jail by rolling a double, you won’t be awarded a free spin!

What is the RTP of the Monopoly Slingo main game?

The main game of Monopoly Slingo has a theoretical RTP (return-to-player) of 95.3%

What is the RTP of the extra rolls of the Monopoly Slingo game?

Monopoly Slingo extra rolls have a reduced RTP (return-to-player) of 95%

Our Monopoly Slingo Game Review

Who doesn’t love classic Monopoly? We certainly love Monopoly Slingo anyway! We love how the classic board game is the star of the show, and the clever ways that the developers have fused Monopoly with Slingo to make a fun game to play time and time again.

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