Blackjack X-Change

Play Blackjack like never before. 2 new options allow you to get the best cards for unbelievable prizes. The dealer awaits


This is the biggest innovation in Blackjack and you get to take a spin. Trade your way through the game by either selecting BUY or SELL as many times as you like to achieve the best hand possible. You have an UNLIMITED number of trades, so you can really make as much dosh as you can. Get those cards dealt!

How to play

It's a Blackjack game with a twist and really simple to play! As well as having the standard options of HIT, STAND, DOUBLE and SPLIT, you can now BUY or SELL on each card to put your cards in the best position.

If BUY is presented, you can pay the value shown to get rid of that individual card and replace it with a new one, which will be selected randomly from the deck.

If SELL is presented, you can collect the value shown to get rid of that card and replace it with a new card, selected randomly from the deck.

You are able to BUY and SELL as many times as you like, as long as they do not bust, then play the hand as normal with the potential prize unaffected. The values for BUY and SELL are dynamically generated based on the combination of all player cards and the dealer face up card. BUY would be shown in situations where you would normally improve your hand by swapping your card. SELL is shown in situations where your hand would be at harm if you were to swap your card.

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 99.68% when following the basic strategy, which means for every £100 staked, the expected return would be £99.68. Please note, bonus wagering is disabled on this game.

When the fun stops, stop