Super Monopoly Money

A game of Monopoly is all about taking the banker for a ride and leaving with as much cash as possible - which is exactly what you'll be hoping for in this super slot game!


The biggest board game in history has found its way onto the reels and if you're a fan of the game then you have to try Super Monopoly Money. A well- crafted 5 reel slot awaits players and the most instantly recognisable face of any game, Rich Uncle Moneybags, will be here to help players as they look to find the most valuable spins on the reels. This game is much better than the board game as it gives you the opportunity to win real cash when you spin. The bonus rounds and exciting features in this game give it an edge over the competition, so get spinning.

How to play

The rules of the game are much easier than the board game and the objectives are also very clear: spin the reels and find the prizes that await across the 20 paylines. The slot is almost the same as the original board game, albeit in a slot game format, and players will get the chance to win the biggest and best prizes available. Using the perks and bonuses that are unlockable throughout the game will give you even more chances to win.

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 96% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £96.00. Please note, bonus cash cannot be wagered on this game.

When the fun stops, stop