Jackpot Joyride

There's a new superhero in town - Captain Jackpot is his name and collecting jackpots is his game! Make sure you are bucked up for the Jackpot Joyride!


Players will feel as though they have the power to create jackpots wherever
they go with this mobile slot game. Captain Jackpot might be taking centre
stage but you'll be his trusty sidekick in this game, which comes to players
from AlchemyBet.

How to play

There are far less complications with the slot game than being a superhero.
Being a superhero requires intense focus and training, whereas this slot game
just requires players to tap a few buttons. The Fly button takes the place of
a spin button in this game and when you press it the symbols will be revealed.
Players must achieve at least 3 matching symbols to win in this game but if
this goes up to 4 then you'll be on to an even bigger jackpot.

Return to player

Jackpot Mechanics \- 0.2% of every stake is added to the progressive

jackpot. \- The original seed value is £4,172.99 This game has a theoretical
RTP of 97.23%. Malfunction voids all pays and play. Please note, bonus cash
cannot be wagered on this game.

When the fun stops, stop