Harley Davidson Instant Win

Always wanted to a be a biker? Then this is the game for you! IGT's Harley Davidson will leave you feeling like a Rockstar. The question is: can you get the wins to match the big bad image? There's only one way to find out


There's not one but FOUR different games to play within this super-fun Instant Win, all of which are very quick and easy-to-play. So whether you're in a rush or just fancy a fast-paced game, Harley Davidson can be enjoyed by all. Good luck!

How to play

You'll start with a Game Select Screen, and you can choose from the following mini games:

Game 1 - Top Torque:

The aim of the game is to get an RPM that is higher than that of your rival. Can you do it? The value on the PRIZE badge will be yours if you manage it! Choose your cards and the PRIZE badge at the start of the game, and keep your fingers crossed for a top notch RPM!

Game 2 - Find a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle:

Select PRIZE badges and garages to see their prize values and contents. Your mission is to find a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, because if you do, you'll win the value displayed on the PRIZE badge.

Game 3 - Match & Win Wheel Spin:

Everyone loves a classic prize wheel, and when you spin this one you're aiming to land it on a coloured segment containing a Harley-Davidson badge. If you manage this, the value displayed next to that colour on the PRIZE table is awarded. Result! You won't win anything if the wheel lands on a grey segment though - so avoid them if you can!

Game 4 - Match 3 Harley-Davidson Motorcycles:

Aim to match 3 of the same Harley Davidson motorcycles with the same prize amounts to win that prize. Select the BIKE badges to reveal the motorcycles and their prizes - and keep your fingers crossed for a big win!

Whenever you complete a mini game, click the BACK button to return to the Game Selection screen and play another game. Your game will be complete when you have finished all your mini games and the outcome of your game will be revealed. Have fun!

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This game has a theoretical RTP between 85.00% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £85.00.

When the fun stops, stop