Greedy Goblinz

Better watch out - the Greedy Goblinz have landed and you can bet that they're just itching to snap up some super-juicy wins! Get playing on this unique slot TODAY to keep those hungry critters at bay!


You'll be introduced to a whole new way of gaming thanks to Greedy Goblinz,
which scraps traditional reels and paylines and instead replaces them with a
6x6 grid, jam-packed with 36 super-hungry Goblinz! To bag some wins, you'll
have to get these Goblinz to eat each other - best get reading to find out how

How to play

There are 3 types of Goblin to get to grips with in Greedy Goblinz: 1-eyed
(small), 2-eyed (medium) and 3-eyed (large). Different Goblinz eat different
sizes, and below is a breakdown of what can eat what:

  • 3-eyed Goblinz can eat 2-eyed Goblinz
  • 2-eyed Goblinz can eat 1-eyed Goblinz
  • 1-eyed Goblinz can't eat any other Goblinz

Next you'll have to place your bets. You can stake anything from 5p-£100. Hit
START when you're ready and the Goblinz will fall from the top of the screen
to fill your grid, with each one ‘checking' the one above it in turn,
beginning at the top of each column and moving down. The checking Goblin will
eat the one above if it can do so (according to the above rules). The Greedy
Goblin will become bloated after eating 1 other Goblin, and it'll explode
after eating more than 1 other Goblin, awarding a win as it does so!

The Goblinz will carry on eating each other until no more Goblinz can be eaten
and no more wins can be found. You can get up to 6 WINS in a single drop/bet,
thanks to the multiple wins on offer! Another thing to keep an eye out for is
the game's Silver Coins, Gold Coins and Diamonds too - these award additional
bonus prizes that can also be dropped onto your grid. They'll award a win when
any Goblin eats them.

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 94.96% which means for every £100 wagered
it will pay out £94.96. Please note, bonus cash cannot be wagered on this

When the fun stops, stop